Roseanne Says She's Fine And Alive After Rumors Of A Heart Attack

Although, she probably wished she was a couple of weeks ago. Disgraced comedian and Twitter mess Roseanne was rumored to have suffered a serious health crisis this week, but unlike her character Roseanne Conner, she’s alive and she’s okay.

According to People, Roseanne is a frequent call-in guest to something called Sputnik News hosted by one Lee Stranahan. Lee was in the middle of a live Periscope video when someone claiming to be Roseanne’s new assistant “Frank” phoned in. Lee took the call and “Frank” told him that Roseanne had suffered a serious heart attack.

This dude called from a number that Lee Stranahan thought he recognized as Roseanne’s, as well as mentioning a few things that made him think the guy was legit. He wasn’t. We know this because Roseanne put on her sexy new t-shirt, posed for a pic, and tweeted her continued existence.

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