Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice left struggling to train amid hearing aid ‘problem’

Strictly: Giovanni giggles as Rose's hearing aid dies

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Rose Ayling-Ellis, 26, was left struggling to train after her hearing aid ran out of battery while practising for Strictly Come Dancing. The news came after her dance partner on the show, Giovanni Pernice, posted a story explaining the events to his Instagram account.

Nobody needs to panic, it is a very normal life for deaf people.

Rose Ayling-Ellis

He sent out a story in view of his 617,000 followers, joking around with his partner Rose about the incident.

The story opens with Giovanni mocking Rose for a large spot on her head.

She replies: “Why do we have to show the whole world this spot?”

She then began to shout while using sign language to say: “It was fine this morning, then Giovanni decided to squeeze it!!”


He then goes on to mock Rose for her hearing aid having broken.

She shouted, in the short clip, that she forgot to “pack her battery” and her phone had died.

Giovanni then proceeded to giggle at her, saying: “Are you completely deaf now?”, to which she didn’t reply.

This isn’t the first time, the pair have had issues with Rose’s hearing aid during training.  

A few weeks ago, Rose spoke on a story on Giovanni’s account, talking about how it broke.

“This morning my hearing aid broke but I think it’s because I sweat so much it broke it… so I can’t hear anything at all!”, she said.

The Italian dancer added: “So NHS please be quick! We need it!”

Rose saw the funny side and said: “It’s quite nice I don’t have to hear his voice!”

The TV favourite reposted the video on her own account and said: “Nobody needs to panic, it is a very normal life for deaf people.”

She explained how it was a common misconception that deaf were unable to enjoy music.

She said that her hearing aid would help her pick up some of the music and hear the beat, but she was unable to hear exact words.

“I can also hear the vibrations”, she added.

The EastEnders star said she will instead be using the rhythm of her partner for guidance to stay in accordance with the movements.

She added that she would be focusing solely on his body language and counting in her head.

Rose made show history when she joined, becoming the competition’s first ever deaf contestant.

Since she joined, her and partner Giovanni have impressed judges with amazing chemistry and moves.

Danny Dyer, her on-screen father in EastEnders, was extremely supportive of Rose after she performed her first routine.

He wrote on her Instagram post showing the event: “Absolutely f***ing fearless Rose, well done”. 

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