The ridiculous stipulation in Nancy Meyers’ ‘Private Benjamin’ contract

These days Nancy Meyers is revered for her romantic comedies, but while serving as a writer and producer on her first film “Private Benjamin” in 1980, she wasn’t even allowed to be alone on the set.

Meyers, who was 29 at the time, was one of three writers and producers on the Goldie Hawn film, in addition to her ex-husband Charles Shyer as well as Harvey Miller. Meyers said during a Tribeca Film Festival event that while Shyer had on-set experience, she and Miller were newbies.

“Only in my contract did it say I was not permitted to be on the set by myself,” she told the crowd on Wednesday night. “One of the other producers had to be there … because it was a different time and, you know, now people at 29 are directing ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Jurassic Park’ or whatever, but then I guess I seemed young, I was female and they probably thought I was just Charles’ girlfriend. You can be somebody’s girlfriend and also be a producer.”

She added, “But here’s the good news: Here I am, where are they?”

Meyers went on to write, produce and direct hits including “The Parent Trap,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” “The Holiday,” “It’s Complicated” and “The Intern.”

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