Ricky Gervais hits back at Oscars gift bag creators after their savage ‘Netflix deal’ jibe

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Ricky Gervais, 60, took to Twitter on Sunday to make a dig at the Oscars £100,000 gift bags for degrading “poor people”. Since his remarks, the bag’s creator has responded with a cruel jibe to the comedian, leading him to release his view.

F**k them!

Ricky Gervais

Ricky launched a brutal takedown of the traditional £100,000 Oscar gift bags.

Responding to a fan who said they wished the comedian had hosted, the 60-year-old tweeted what he would say in his monologue.

He said: “I’d start with Hello. I hope this show helps cheer up the ordinary people watching at home.

“If you’re unemployed for example, take some comfort in the fact that even if you had a job, your salary probably wouldn’t be as much as the goody bag all the actors have just been given.

“I’m proud to announce that this is the most diverse and progressive Oscars ever. Looking out I see people from all walks of life.

“Every demographic under the sun. Except poor people, obviously. F**k them.”

Responding to Ricky, Lash Fary, Founder of Distinctive Assets, said: “Ricky Gervais is a talented comedian, so it’s no surprise that I find the hypocrisy of his ‘goody bag tweet’ hilarious.

“While we do not spend money buying any of the items in our gift bags (much like advertising, this is simply a promotional campaign for brands), the valuation is indeed significant…but not nearly as substantial as Ricky’s recent Netflix deal, the residuals he receives for The Office or his multi-million-dollar home.

“So if you’re unemployed, take some comfort in the fact that even if you had a job, your salary probably wouldn’t be as much as Ricky Gervais makes for a single episode of After Life,” they added to Metro.co.uk.

Ricky replied to the news story on Twitter in view of his 14.7 million followers with a laughing emoji.

David Baddiel replied: “Bit weird. I don’t think you were suggesting that any A-List celebrity was giving to *live” in the goody bag.”

Ricky quipped: “Maybe it’s because I got my house for free when I attended the Chortle Awards that time.”

Other social media users took to the comments to laugh at the Oscars gift bag creators jibe.

BabyBernieBear said: “Are you kidding me? He got those deals because he’s talented and worked and will produce content.

“Unless I am missing something that has nothing to do with giving 100k in gifts to millionaires.”

Whatmimisaid added: “Are they really confusing useless goodie bags with someone making money off their work?

“Are you supposed to work for free? Lolz.” (sic)

Veryfathomer commented: “I don’t think them picking a fight with you is such a good idea.

“99.9% of people think you’re right, the same percentage know you earned the money fairly.”

While he has never hosted the Oscars, Ricky hosted the Golden Globes five times, with 2020 being his latest stint.

The comedian was known for his outrageous jokes at Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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