Rep. Ron DeSantis warned voters to not ‘monkey this up’ by voting for black candidate

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On Tuesday night, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary for the Florida governor’s race. He’ll be facing off against “Trump acolyte” Ron DeSantis. Gillum’s primary win was a surprise to even the Florida Democratic Party establishment, but his rise was widely heralded too – he’s got great progressive-Dem credentials, and he happens to be one of only a handful of African-American candidates to win their party’s nomination for any state’s governorship. Obviously, since we live in Trump’s America and Gillum is running against a dude who worships Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis had some sh-t to say on Wednesday:

Honestly, I was ready to cancel DeSantis as soon as he said Gillum was “articulate.” But in the next breath, DeSantis says the last thing Florida needs to do is “monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda…” Monkey this up… is not an idiom. DeSantis is just a racist Deplorable who couldn’t even wait 24 hours to call the African-American candidate a monkey.

Gillum responded. I love that he didn’t minimize it.

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