Rachel Riley supports Russian husband Pasha Kovalev as he breaks silence on Ukraine

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Rachel Riley, 36, has taken to Twitter to express support for her Russian husband, Pasha Kovalev, after the star posted an Instagram snap sharing his thoughts on the conflict.

He reposted a message from @Riseupwiththearts yesterday, in full view of his 46,100 followers.

In the caption, the dancer encouraged his fans to “come together.”

He said: “The current situation in Ukraine hits too close to home for the both of us as Russian nationals. 

“Our passport may say one thing but out hearts are with our family, friends and everyone still in Ukraine that are fighting for their freedom and lives.”

He added: “We will need your support now more than ever.

“Let’s come together and make a difference through Art!”

The post itself was written by Pasha and Anya Garnis, who run the upcoming show Rise Up With the Arts together.

The two are both Russian nationals and former dance partners.

It continues: “It only feels right that our show, Rise Up With the Arts, along with 3 charities that we are supporting, will now focus on donating funds raised to the Save the Children charity that helps children and young people affected by this terrible conflict.”

They reminded fans at the end, in a sobering conclusive note: “Let’s make art, not war! Pasha and Anya.”

Fans rushed to the post to share their views on the conflict.

Gemloudavey_16 wrote: “I know many of your people don’t want this war either.

“It’s so sad and this is an amazing gesture! It shows the Ukrainian people, that not everyone who is Russian wants this either. This is a truly beautiful gesture.”

Stephill84 penned: “It’s truly heartbreaking. Love to you and yours. X”

Speechynikki commented: “We know this unjustifiable attack is not in your name. Perfectly said Pasha. Take care.”

Cottagekaren said: “Thank you Pasha. We have no argument with the Russian people. God help Russia! And God help us all.”

Plludley wrote: “Beautifully said.”

Rachel then shared the post to her own Twitter account and 695,800 followers.

She wrote a love heart as the caption in expression of support for her husband.

Fans wrote to express their well wishes and inquire as to Rachel’s return to Countdown.

@Marksormerod said: “Well said, just an aside, when are you back on Countdown Rachel, you are so much missed.”

@IanEdmonds067 wrote: “Thanks for sharing Rachel.”

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