Queen Camilla got Covid for a second time, one year exactly after her first bout

On Monday, Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Camilla would skip her planned engagements for today, Tuesday, because she had come down with a cold. I honestly didn’t think much of it – lots of people get colds this time of year, especially people in public-facing jobs. Camilla had several events last week, which saw her interacting with the large swathes of the public. She did so maskless. Well, you guessed it (when I didn’t) – Camilla has Covid. Again! She had it this time last year too, and last year’s bout of Covid came right after she breathed all over people at a food event and the British Asian Trust awards!

Queen Camilla has tested positive for coronavirus nearly a year to the day after her first diagnosis with COVID-19 was announced. Buckingham Palace shared the news in a statement on Monday.

“After suffering the symptoms of a cold, Her Majesty The Queen Consort has tested positive for the Covid virus,” the palace said. “With regret, she has therefore cancelled all her public engagements for this week and sends her sincere apologies to those who had been due to attend them.”

Last February, Clarence House announced that Queen Camilla, 75, tested positive for COVID. Camilla tested positive four days after her husband, who was then known as Prince Charles, entered self-isolation following his own positive coronavirus diagnosis.

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Last year, when Camilla came down with Covid, they made a point of saying she had been triple-vaccinated, meaning she got the first two shots then a booster. I wonder if she got a fourth shot/second booster? Here in America, everyone was encouraged to get another booster last fall, and/or get the bivalent booster, which is what I got (I actually got a flu shot AND the bivalent booster, it’s a long story).

Anyway, I’m not going to slam Camilla – almost everyone is going maskless these days, myself included. We have gotten to that point where vaccinated people get Covid and the overwhelming majority recover within a week, which is what public health officials wanted. CB actually just got Covid too – she found out the same day as Camilla. Prayers up for CB! And Camilla too, I guess.

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