Quavo’s Attorney Speaks Up After He’s Seen in Cuffs on Yacht During Robbery Investigation

The Migos rapper is aboard a yacht in Miami that is being investigated for an alleged strong-armed robbery during which two men allegedly make verbal threats toward the captain.

AceShowbizQuavo spent a night on a yacht which was under investigation for alleged strong-armed robbery. The rapper was confirmed among passengers on the boat on the Miami River on Sunday night, July 23 when police were called for an alleged robbery.

The Migos star was detained during the investigation. Footage obtained by TMZ showed him being handcuffed with zip ties as he sat on the boat deck and appeared to interact with at least three police officers.

Page Six reports that, according to the Miami Beach Police Department, the incident involved two men aboard the vessel, neither of whom were Quavo, who were accused of becoming “very aggressive” toward the captain when they were informed that the time on their boat rental was running out.

The two males, identified as Cornell A. Whitfield and Anteneh A. Workeneh, allegedly demanded a refund and began making verbal threats. One of the males threatened to “kill” the captain and “throw him off the boat” if he turned the boat around.

One crew member told police he saw a man take the captain’s wallet and cell phone, but this statement was contradicted by other folks on the yacht. The owner of the boat notified law enforcement upon hearing the alleged incident.

After checking out the scene of the alleged crime, police said in the report that “several men were detained,” though no one was eventually arrested due to conflicting statements. All subjects involved were released and left without incident.

A group of women were also seen sitting on the dock as police lights flashed and Quavo sat near officers with his hands behind his back. Police also said they found two firearms on the boat but noted that the guns weren’t used in any alleged threats.

After video of the incident circulated online, Quavo’s attorney Drew Findling set the record straight about his client’s role in the alleged incident. “To be clear Quavo was NOT mentioned in the police report narrative. Not only was Quavo NOT arrested, he is not even listed as a witness to any alleged dispute,” the attorney stated. “Ultimately, no one on the boat was arrested.”

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