Prince William is mad that Diana will be included in a BBC drama about Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was one of Britain’s most prolific sexual predators. He was a celebrity known for his charitable work, often with kids’ charities, which he used as a hunting ground to groom, abuse and assault children. He wasn’t solely a pedophile – there are hundreds of credible stories about his sexual assault and rape of adults as well. The entire British establishment turned a blind eye to it. Savile went out of his way to befriend celebrities, royals and law enforcement. Savile died in 2011, and the bulk of the credible accusations against him came out post-2011. Now a BBC TV series is being made about him starring Steve Coogan, although they’re apparently not using Savile’s name. While I think Coogan is talented, he probably should have said no to this? Everybody should have said no to this. According to the Sun, Prince William is once again mad at the BBC because The Reckoning will have a scene where Savile meets Princess Diana in 1983.

Prince William faces new TV torment with Princess Diana featuring in a BBC drama about paedophile Jimmy Savile. Di, played by Kate Tickle, is expected to be seen meeting the monster, who is played by Steve Coogan. It was hoped the scene would not appear in the final cut of The Reckoning — which is due to air later this year.

TV and radio host Savile cosied up to people at the top of society while secretly sexually abusing youngsters.

A TV insider said: “Prince William would have preferred not to see his mother feature alongside this vile monster at all. But he would be particularly displeased that it’s in a BBC show — and one that’s proved so controversial. Although Diana was one of the important people who Savile ingratiated himself with, there were many others whose influence played a greater part in him getting access to young people and hiding in plain sight.”

William, 39, is still angered by how his mother was tricked into giving a BBC Panorama interview to Martin Bashir in 1995. The Reckoning has already upset survivors of Savile, who escaped justice from the 1950s until his death in 2011 at 84. Groups representing rape and sexual abuse victims have also voiced anger at the dramatisation of Savile’s crimes. The Survivors’ Network called it “deeply inappropriate and harmful”.

The BBC said: “Prince Charles and Princess Diana do not have speaking roles but are seen briefly.”

[From The Sun]

I mean, as so often with high-profile predators “hiding in plain sight,” they often protect themselves with layers of famous “friends” and acquaintances. While Diana did know Savile and they did some charitable work together, Charles was the one who was a lot closer to Savile. Which is kind of a separate conversation, and maybe even a separate investigation? There have been questions for years about how much Charles knew, given his closeness to Savile. As for William being mad at the BBC… not to give advice to He Who Incandescents, but William would have better luck if he approached this as “this show is deeply unfair to the victims of Savile’s crimes, that’s why it’s inappropriate.” As opposed to having a tunnel-visioned complaint about all things Diana. Just sayin’.

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