Prince Harry’s Remembrance wreath was removed from the Poppy Factory

‘Tis the season for Remembrance. This coming weekend, we’re get the first Cenotaph wreath-laying of King Charles’s reign for Remembrance Day, and what will probably be some interesting optics for the Windsors. In QEII’s final years, she didn’t actually do the Remembrance wreath-laying, she gave that task to Charles, William and some of the other royal men. In 2020, with Prince Harry already in Montecito, he requested that an already-made wreath be placed at the Cenotaph out of respect. The Windsors refused, claiming that wreaths were only for working members of the royal family (which is a lie) and that the decision was made by the courtiers, not the Queen (another lie). The Windsors looked like sociopathic a–holes and you would think they would have learned their lesson from that debacle. They did not. Prince Harry’s display-wreath has been removed from The Poppy Factory:

A Remembrance Day wreath laid by Prince Harry has been taken off display at the factory which makes wreaths. The commemoration, and another laid by his shamed uncle Prince Andrew, have been “got rid of” – while wreaths from other major royals remain.

Harry’s has been on show for paying visitors to the Poppy Factory, which was founded 100 years ago to make wreaths and poppies to commemorate Britain’s war dead. The move is being seen as another sign of the Duke of Sussex being airbrushed from royal life since he quit frontline duties. And it comes despite his proud military service – which included seeing action in Afghanistan with the Blues and Royals regiment.

The wreaths included the one laid by Harry at the last Remembrance commemoration he took part in, in 2019. A source at the site in Richmond, south west London, said: “Harry used to have his wreath on display in the centre’s old exhibiting area, but it isn’t any more. We’ve got rid of it – and all the duplicates we kept too.”

Wreaths from King Charles, the late Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and Princes William and Edward are still on show.

The Poppy Factory and Buckingham Palace declined to say what had happened to Harry’s £1,000 wreath. The bespoke designs are laid at the Cenotaph every Remembrance Sunday.

A new one is currently being made for the King for next week’s service.

[From The Daily Mirror]

The smallness and the pettiness really comes through loud and clear. It was obvious in 2020, when QEII was too tone-deaf to understand the cruelty of the wreath disaster, and it is obvious now that King Charles plans on continuing his mother’s petty path. It reminds me of how all of the royal reporters were falling all over themselves to say that King Charles had “welcomed” Harry and Meghan back with open arms during QEII’s funeral, when in fact, he went out of his way to snub them and attempt to humiliate them repeatedly. Charles is clearly showing Harry: there is no reason to come back, we’re not smart enough to be conciliatory, we’re still the petty a–holes you escaped three years ago.

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