Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding: Every Beautiful Moment From The Momentous Day

The Royal Wedding wasn’t just a testament to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s love — it had so many iconic, and now historic, moments! Relive all the amazing highlights from the ceremony right here!

The Royal Wedding exceeded all of our expectations by being classically romantic and uniquely refreshing at the same time. Basically, we were all that grinning page boy holding up Meghan Markle‘s dress after seeing her gown for the first time: stunned, smiling and with our jaw dropped to the floor. From start to finish, the ceremony was filled with so many sweet, romantic and epic moments. No one will ever forget how captivated they were by The Kingdom Choir‘s soulful rendition of “Stand By Me” or how Bishop Michael Curry brought down the house with his empowering sermon. Check out all the highlights in a gallery above!

However, the real stars of today were Prince Harry and Meghan. Their first kiss stands out as one of the sweetest moments of the entire glorious day. And we couldn’t help but bite our own lips after Prince Harry told Meghan how beautiful she looked before he bit his lip and lifted her veil. Ladies, get you someone who looks at you the same way Prince Harry looks at Meghan! And when Prince Harry had trouble putting on Meghan’s ring and then winked at her, we lost it. The charm on this guy!

And the fact that an empty seat was held for Prince Harry’s mom Princess Diana was so sweet. Prince Harry also paid special tribute to Diana with a floral arrangement that included her favorite flowers — white roses. While there has been so much drama surrounding Meghan’s family, this day put that all in the past.

Congrats, you two! We’ll keep posted with more of the latest news from the Royal Wedding!

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