Phoebe Bridgers Reveals How She Copes During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Grammy-nominated singer reveals she bought treadmill and got herself busy with house cleaning to keep stress at bay during the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis.

AceShowbizPhoebe Bridgers turned to cleaning to survive the coronavirus lockdown.

The music star found the idea of going outside too “scary” to contemplate earlier this year, and so she bought herself a treadmill to stay active and started cleaning in order to pass the time.

Asked what rituals she developed during the lockdown, Phoebe shared, “I think the best days were when I could go outside, but there were months where going outside was too scary. Even now, it’s the worst (infection rate) there has ever been in the U.S., and people still aren’t wearing masks – and I live in Los Angeles, which is supposed to be a liberal bubble.”

“I bought a treadmill, so I didn’t have to leave the house, and I (started) making my house cosy and making my bed every day, which I’m not super great at. This is my only advice: if you live alone, clean your house the way you do when your crush is coming over.”

Phoebe released a new album, “Punisher”, earlier this year (20). But in spite of her success – which includes a nomination for the Best New Artist accolade at the Grammys – she still suffers from impostor syndrome.

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Speaking to the BBC, she explained, “It’s funny, I work really hard and I have impostor syndrome. But a very successful lawyer who got an internship at a law firm because of his dad can be like, ‘I’m the best at my job and that’s why I’m here.’ I feel like impostor syndrome is brought upon the worst people.”

Despite her self-doubts, Phoebe is thrilled about her Best New Artist artist nomination.

And the singer is amazed by how far she’s come in her career.

“This sounds corny and like something someone would say if their PR person gave them media training on how to not sound like a loser – but it’s already an achievement for me,” she smiled.

“When I played to 100 people at St Pancras in London, I cried after the show (because) I was so grateful. So every level has felt amazing and unexpected.”

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