Peter Andre trick or treats with kids as Katie Price slammed for Halloween pics

Peter Andre went all out for Halloween this year treating Princess and Junior to professional face painting for the spooky night.

Princess, 11, and Junior, 13, were desperate to be made up as skeletons.

And their obliging dad agreed – later lip-syncing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the kitchen at home in their spooky get up.

"I’m so ready for Halloween!" he wrote in his column for new magazine this week.

"I’ve got my skeleton onesie and I’m ready to wear it! At the time of writing my column, the rest of the family haven’t decided what they’re dressing up as, but I am sorted so that’s all that matters, right?"

He added: "Theo was a little too young to properly enjoy Halloween last year, so we can’t wait to take him trick or treating with us.

"Let me tell ya, he’s definitely not too young to enjoy chocolate!"

Meanwhile, Katie Price has been slammed for using her kids to get back at her ex on social media.

After weeks of radio silence, the mum-of-five returned to Instagram today to share pictures of her youngest children Bunny, four, and Jett, five, dressed up for Halloween.

"Happy Halloween from me and the kids," she wrote, adding: "What it’s all about."

As she returned to social media, the former glamour model revealed that she’s been filming for her new show.

And there’s plenty of material as Katie has been in rehab, fighting off bankruptcy and found herself involved in a suspected drink driving incident.

But eagle-eyed fans noticed that their dad Kieran Hayler threw a Halloween party for them last night.

"It’s funny that she’s not on here for months then as soon as Kieran has the Halloween party, she’s trying to steal his thunder," one fan commented.

Another added: "So Kieran brings them back in the Halloween costumes from the party he did especially for them and you post the photos as though you’ve dressed your kids up, to take the credit. You’re so transparent."

A third fan commented: "Kids are not just for special occasions – they are all day every day the hardest job on the planet!"

Another wrote: "She doesn’t care for them properly. They are better off with their dads. She’s a selfish woman who puts herself first rather than her kids."

Meanwhile, other fans welcomed Katie back to social media and blasted the haters.

"What I don’t get is if all of you lot hate her so much, then why are you following her and commenting on her posts? Like why waste your time and be so childish you absolute fools," one fan commented.

"Welcome back Katie, just ignore the haters, hope your getting stronger and stronger," another added.

This year’s been a frightful horror show for Katie as she ended up in rehab, has been fighting off bankruptcy and found herself involved in a suspected drink driving incident.

Still, it’s onwards and upwards for The Pricey as she posted a trio of Halloween-themed photos of her family.

First up was a picture of Bunny in a witches hat as Katie captioned it: “Happy Halloween from me and the kids”.

Then Harvey showed his creative side as he painted a spooky black cat on a computer and Katie said: “Harvey has drawn me a black cat for Halloween on his iPad.”

Then it was a cute pic of her mum, Amy, and Jett in a werewolf mask with witch Bunny as Katie said: “What it’s all about ❤️.”

Meanwhile, before her release from rehab for her bankruptcy hearing yesterday, Kieran Hayler was seen taking his children shopping for toys today as their mother narrowly swerved bankruptcy.

The grim-faced dad took Jett, five, and Bunny, four, to their local Tesco today as his ex managed to swerve bankruptcy by the skin of her teeth in a hearing at London’s High Court today.

And it seems Kieran was keen to treat the kids during their mum’s money troubles.

Leaving the supermarket with his kids in tow, Kieran revealed he couldn’t resist trying to cheer the little ones up with some toys.

Katie is reportedly desperate to spend Christmas with her children Jett, Bunny, Princess and Junior, who are currently living with their dads.

But embattled Katie Price may have to face Christmas without a home and therefore without her kids if a December 4 bankruptcy hearing does not go in her favour.

The former business woman submitted a proposal to the High Court yesterday to pay back £22,000 in unpaid taxes.

At a hearing this morning the judge postponed the case until later this year to give HMRC time to consider whether to accept her plan – known as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement – or to force her to go bankrupt.

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