Peter Andre sparks huge row after revealing gifts fans have given his kids

‘Massive thank you to the lovely fans that buy my children so many gifts when I do an ‘evening with’,’ Pete, 45, captioned a photo of the pressies.

‘You’re all so kind and I love you lots. Bista took off with hers ?’

However, the picture soon sparked a row amongst the star’s followers as some argued that the confectionary wasn’t suitable for the children.

‘You can’t feed your children all that sugar ?,’ one Instagram user commented, whilst another said: ‘I wouldn’t give my children anything from strangers as you can’t be sure it hasn’t been tampered with. There are some strange people out there.’

Meanwhile one joked: ‘Don’t let Jamie Oliver see what your kids eat’

Plenty of Pete’s fans have defended the gifts though, with one commenting on the sugar remark: ‘why not? He’s not gonna do it all at once is he? What’s the harm in treating them every now and again?’

‘My god look at all the moaners ? make sure someone send a box of carrots round next time,’ another added.

And one fan pointed out: ‘just remember peters wife Emily is a doctor and I very much doubt she or Pete will allow the children to eat more sugar than is healthy for them.’

Plus it sounds like Pete and Emily, 28, will probably help the children out when it comes to finishing the treats, as Pete told a fan in the comments that the M&Ms and fruit and nut snacks were ‘def mine…..TONIGHT’.

Enjoy, Pete!

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