People Are Venmo Requesting $2,000 From Mitch McConnell To Get A Full Stimulus

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest stimulus check drama, you may already know that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is the primary reason checks haven’t increased from $600. The issue of whether to provide $2,000 checks for Americans versus $600 is a hot topic at the moment. In light of the Kentucky senator’s block of the increase, people are Venmo requesting $2,000 from Mitch McConnell in hopes to incite a change.

The drama surrounding a second stimulus check for Americans has been ongoing, but after what seemed like forever, Congress came together to make a final attempt at securing checks before the Trump administration’s final days in office. Then, when Trump touted that $600 was too little on Dec. 22, he took to Twitter to vouch for $2,000 stimulus checks. Following his call for an increase, he refused to sign the COVID-19 stimulus bill, which only provided $600 checks. After a stalemate and threat of a government shutdown, he signed the bill on Sunday, Dec. 27. Despite his concession, he still tweeted out for an increase.

Following Trump’s calls for a larger checks, on Dec. 28, the House passed the bill to increase the checks to $2,000. When the bill went to the Senate on Tuesday, Dec. 29, however, McConnell blocked an immediate vote on the bill. On Wednesday, Dec. 30, the Senate majority leader said a bill for higher stimulus checks would have “no realistic path to quickly pass the Senate.” This news was upsetting to many Americans who need monetary relief, and the ordeal hasn’t been taken lightly.

Now that McConnell has positioned himself as the main obstacle for a bill that would increase the stimulus payments, a lot of people started sending him Venmo requests for $2,000.

Some people are slightly aggressive in their requests:

Those that can’t find his Venmo are trying other methods:

Some people are losing it over the Venmo requests:

People are getting ~heated~ to say the least. Some people even vandalized McConnell’s front door and porch the night of Friday, Jan. 1. The photos show messages written in spray paint, such as "Were’s [sic] my money."

Although people are trying to pressure the senator into changing his mind, it’s unclear if there will be any stimulus increase soon. It’s clear that many people are relying on the influx of money to help them stay afloat during the pandemic. The $600 stimulus checks should be hitting people’s accounts in the next couple of weeks, per CNET, and some have already received their checks.

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