Paula Patton: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Paula Patton, whose latest movie Traffik is out in theaters now, gave Us the green light to share these 25 fascinating facts about her that you don’t already know! The actress stars in the latest thriller as a woman who goes away on romantic vacation with her boyfriend, only for the couple to find themselves forced to defend themselves against a biker gang.

Read on to learn more about the Hitch actress.

1. On the set of Traffik, we gave each other car names. Omar Epps was Volvo. [Director] Deon Taylor was DeLorean. I was Ferrari P.

2. My favorite quote is “Fate loves the fearless.”

3. Meghan Markle did the calligraphy for my wedding invitations.

4. My dream film role is to play Tiger Woods in a biopic. I believe gender is fluid.

5. Current music on my playlist includes: Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin and Bob Marley.

6. I went to a performing arts high school and ran track.

7. I don’t really have time to cook, but when I do, I make a great fried chicken.

8. When I was in college, I was elected vice president of the Black Student Union.

9. I don’t speak any foreign languages, but I speak fluent dirty talk.

10. My favorite Halloween costume alternates between Dirk Diggler and Rollergirl from Boogie Nights.

11. For my last meal, I’d request bangers and mash … but I probably wouldn’t eat the mash.

12. I’m afraid of walking in the dark without a flashlight and jumping out of a plane, but I don’t want to be afraid of anything.

13. I always try to have a new experience or see the world — but never skydiving.

14. My first summer job was as a secretary for a judge in Compton, California.

15. I recently ran into Tracy Morgan, and I tried to take his gold chain necklace.

16. I can’t play any musical instruments, but my son can play the trumpet, the guitar and piano.

17. I can’t stop buying all types of salt — sea salt, Himalayan salt, fleur de sel, black Hawaiian salt.

18. My first acting role was a small part in California Dreams. It was supposed to be the next Saved by the Bell.

19. I’m 5-foot-8, but I think I’m 5-foot-9, so that’s what I always tell people.

20. My favorite date was a surprise weekend away at a spa in the desert.

21. I did all my own stunts in Traffik. It was the first time I was ever forcefully pulled out of a car.

22. I do hot yoga a few times a week. It makes me Zen. Namaste.

23. I don’t believe anyone should be afraid of getting older or telling people their age. I am 42.

24. My Zen moments are when I’m swimming, hiking or doing yoga. Those things give me clarity.

25. The best advice I ever received was that fear is a paralyzing and pointless emotion.

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