Paul Stanley Denies Eddie Van Halen Nearly Joined KISS

Paul Stanley has refuted a long-standing rumor that Van Halen founder Eddie Van Halen almost left his band to join KISS.

KISS co-founder Gene Simmons had claimed multiple times that around the release of the band’s 1982 album Creatures Of The Night, Eddie Van Halen wanted to join the group.

During this year’s “Kiss Kruise,” a fan asked Stanley if Simmons’ claim was true.

Paul Stanley, who co-founded KISS with Gene Simmons, replied: “No, Eddie Van Halen did not almost join KISS. Eddie (came down to) the studio. I think there was some strife within the band (Van Halen) at that point, for him, and Eddie came down just to see what was going on”.

Stanley continued: “And at that point, Eddie was getting into keyboards. And I remember he brought some tapes of some of the songs he was working on…..(I thought), ‘Eddie, what are you doing on keyboards?’ But that was the start of ‘Jump’ and all that other stuff that came afterwards. But Eddie was never going to join KISS and was never almost in KISS.”

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