Paul Mooney's Sons Address Richard Pryor Jr. Allegations

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Paul Mooney‘s sons are speaking out for their father — whom they claim is “not well” enough to do so himself — against allegations regarding Richard Pryor‘s own son.

Daryl and Dwayne Mooney — who also do stand-up — spoke to Comedy Hype about Richard’s former bodyguard, Rashon Kahn, claiming Paul had sex with Richard Jr. … and that Senior put a million dollar bounty on Paul after finding out.

They deny the allegations flat-out and say that whatever Rashon’s peddling in 2019 is nothing but gossip and hearsay. They emphasize the fact Richard Jr. himself has yet to say Paul’s name.

If Richard Jr. does come out and accuse Paul by name — which he didn’t do with us in NYC a few weeks ago — Paul’s sons say they’d hear him out, and deal with the allegation accordingly. But, to hear it from a bodyguard years later … they call BS.

Daryl and Dwayne also discuss why Paul was a no-show at a recently booked appearance at a comedy club in Atlanta, and explain their father has lost some of his mental faculties.

The Mooneys point out timeline issues with Rashon’s claims, as well as some stories about Richard himself … suggesting he was no angel, even when it comes to how he raised Richard Jr. — according to RPJ’s own book.

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