Paris Jackson Covers Up Her Tattoos & Goes For Old Hollywood Glam In Sexy Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Paris Jackson has been steadily adding tons of tattoos to her body over the past few years. We’ve got the wild pic where she has them completely covered for a Hollywood glam photoshoot.

Remember when Paris Jackson was tattoo free? It was only two-years-ago but since then she’s added so much body art  that its hard to remember what she looked like without all of her inkings. She has everything from tatts down the middle of her chest, both arms, behind her ears, on her butt, you name it.  But she gave fans a reminder of what her natural peachy skin looked like before all of the body art in glam photo shoot on July 17. She was photographed by the paparazzi taking a smoke break outside her trailer and she looked so stunning in her skin-baring outfit. Paris had on a tight red off-the-shoulder dress with a high thigh slit for total sex appeal.

Heavy makeup was used to cover up Paris’ wide range of body art, with not even a hint of the ink showing through. That’s no small feat as she literally has tattoos from head to toe. We’re dying to know what the photo shoot was for, because she had to have spent hours in the makeup chair to get all of the ink completely hidden.

Paris started her tattoo collection on her 18th birthday, getting the worlds “Queen of My Heart” in her late dad Michael Jackson’s handwriting on her left wrist. She shared the pic on her Instagram and wrote, “To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart.” Her next tattoo was family oriented as well, getting a big blue lotus inked just below her left hand with the Chinese word “Kǎisèlín” written in Mandarin. It means “Grandma” and was a tribute to her grandmother Katherine Jackson. She later added a giant mask of her dad’s Dangerous album to her arm.

In 2016 Paris added Native American inspired feathers behind her ear and the word “Motley” tattooed on the inside of her lip for her love of the band Motley Crue. She then added an image from the Crue’s 1989 album art for Dr. Feelgood of a colorful snake wrapped around a sword. Paris has since added tons of different body art all over her killer bod, with the most prominent being the symbols of the seven chakras in various colors down the middle of her chest that she had inked in Sept. of 2017. They’ve been visible in a ton of her red carpet cleavage baring looks.

Paris’ most recent addition was on June 11, when she shared an IG pic of her laying on the table with her pants down, getting a butt tattoo. even though we never got to see the finished product. At least that’s one tatt that the makeup artist probably didn’t have to hide today as her red dress covered it up.

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