‘One Tree Hill’ Star Bevin Prince’s Husband Dies After Getting Struck by Lightning

Bevin’s actress friend, Odette Annable, takes to her Instagram account to share a lengthy tribute to William Friend, whom she describes as a ‘charming, witty, beautiful British man.’

AceShowbiz -“One Tree Hill” star Bevin Prince mourns her husband’s death. William Friend has died after getting struck by lightning. He was found on a boat after he was struck by lightning in a storm near to Masonboro Island, Wilmington, North Carolina, according to WECT6 News.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and Wilmington Police Department’s Marine Units responded to a call for help from eyewitnesses. CPR was performed and they tried to resuscitate the 33-year-old Bisnow CEO for 20 minutes before he was pronounced dead.

Informing the tragic passing was Bevin’s actress friend, Odette Annable. Writing on her Instagram account, she began a lengthy tribute to her best friend, “The unimaginable has happened and we have to say goodbye to another friend, @britwilliam. My best friend @bevinaprince beloved husband. Will, it feels surreal writing this. Mostly because it feels like you were just getting started.”

“The life and love that you gave to my best friend made it feel okay that we were thousands of miles apart. As I sit in your beautiful home, looking out onto the ocean, I keep thinking about what a gift you gave to Bevin. What a gift you gave to everyone who knew you to witness the passion that burned in your soul,” she continued. “The passion to help people, to build your business, to find happiness like I’d never seen from you living in North Carolina with Bevin.”

The 37-year-old ‘You Again’ star hailed William a “charming, witty, beautiful British man,” who “adored every bit of” Bevin’s “soul.” She went on, “You were perfect for her in every way. You supported her dreams, you made her feel seen, you adored her with every bit of your soul and I will forever be grateful to witness that kind of love.”

“Being here with Bevin, hearing her share stories about you and your love breaks my heart for her, because she lost the love of her life and the world lost a really really good one. I know you will still be with her and your gorgeous brothers and family the Prince family, and we will all feel you spreading your light and beauty through everyone who was fortunate enough to know you,” she added.

“At only 33 years old, you did it, and you went out like no other in a blaze of glory. May you Rest In Peace you charming, witty, beautiful British man who loved the s**t out of America. I love you,” so Odette concluded.

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