‘Not really pals!’ Star Trek legend Marina Sirtis in swipe at Friends cast reunion

Friends: The Reunion teased by HBO Max in trailer

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Marina Sirtis, who starred as Deanna Troi in the sci-fi fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation, has addressed the recent Friends reunion. Fans of the US sitcom got to witness castmates Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry reunited for a one-off special.

The hugely popular US sitcom, which followed a group of New Yorkers in their twenties and thirties, concluded in 2004 after 10 seasons.

Friends: The Reunion was one of the most eagerly anticipated show revivals in recent years when the unscripted special aired in March.

Marina, who regularly reunites with her former co-stars from the Star Trek franchise, said she is a “huge fan” of Friends.

The 66-year-old revealed she tuned into the Friends special but was surprised by some of the cast member’s remarks.

“I watched the Friends reunion because I was a huge fan,” she explained. “Actually, just as I started watching it my friend Gates McFadden [played Dr Beverley Crusher in Star Trek].

“I said to her, ‘I’m watching the Friends reunion.'”

Marina continued: “The [Friends cast] had just experienced for the first time something that the [Star Trek cast] have experienced a hundred times.

“Gates asked, ‘What’s that?’ and I said, ‘The [Friends cast] all walked out on stage together and the audience have gone bats**t crazy.

“They said they never had that before. I said, ‘We’ve had that virtually every weekend when we do a convention.'”

She added: “We go to Vegas or to Germany – the big conventions – and we come out on stage and we are The Beatles. You know the [fans] scream.”

Star Trek conventions are organised gatherings for Star Trek fans and tend to take place annually in various locations.

The larger ones usually have the original cast and production staff speaking and signing autographs.


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Marina noted: “The [Friends cast] said, ‘This is only the second time in 17 years that we’ve all been in a room together.’

And I went, ‘So, obviously not really friends then.'”

She added: “Because the [Star Trek cast] are in a room altogether all the time.

“Including Denise Crosby [Security Chief Tasha Yar] – who left are six months – and yet she’s still in the group.”

“We were lightning in a bottle. What happened with us I don’t think is never going to be repeated,” Marina concluded.

Marina’s iconic role as Deanna saw her embody a female Betazoid-Human hybrid Star Fleet commander from the 24th century.

The Star Trek series, which spanned 178 episodes over seven seasons, aired in the 80s and ran into the 90s.

Marina recently made her West End stage debut in a play called Dark Sublime in 2019, which tells the story of Marianne, a freelance actor and now-forgotten icon of a British sci-fi TV show.

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