Nicolas Cage Yelled at 'Rust' Armorer on His Set, 'You Blew My F***ing Eardrums Off!!!'

The armorer on “Rust” got an earful from one Nicolas Cage when she was working on his movie earlier this year — and it doesn’t sound like he was confident in her abilities either.

The veteran actor reportedly got pissed and yelled at Hannah Gutierrez-Reed over the summer while shooting his newest flick, “The Old Way,” down in Montana — this after she apparently fired off weapons around the crew without warning, not once but TWICE.

According to The Wrap, the 24-year-old rookie was allegedly complained about a lot … not just by Cage, but by other seasoned people who noticed — she was out of her element.

As for the supposed NC blowup … Sharon Waxman reports after the second time in 3 days of Gutierrez-Reed testing a weapon near everyone else unexpectedly, Cage yelled — “Make an announcement, you just blew my f***ing eardrums out!” Then, he stormed off.

A key grip on ‘TOW’ claims Cage wasn’t the only one who was frustrated — he apparently told the assistant director the young armorer had to go, as he felt she was slipping up.

Now, for the record, a producer for “The Old Way” denies any such account … while saying the accounts about Gutierrez-Reed on that set are being blown out of proportion. They went on to say she was working under a head prop master, and felt she was just fine.

Still, if any of this story is true … it’s pretty damning, and gets to what others have alleged about the armorer — namely, that she was not nearly as buttoned-up as she needed to be while handling dangerous weapons … and may not have done her duty before Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed.

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