Myleene Klass struggled to speak about her four miscarriages for a whole year

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Myleene Klass has candidly revealed that she was so traumatised following her four miscarriages that she struggled to discuss them for a whole year.

The radio and television host made the painful admission during her upcoming documentary, where she explained that she suffered from "grief, trauma, sadness and fear."

'I lost a lot of me. I couldn't talk about it for a year, I couldn't even say the word," the 42 year old heartbreakingly admitted in a preview clip she shared to her Instagram platform.

Myleene continued: "It is one word, but it is grief, it is trauma, it is sadness, it is fear. There must be a reason people can't say it."

The former Hear'Say star added that miscarriages should be openly discussed because they are so common.

She explained that she had a "group of friends who have been through the same".

"We literally pass that miscarriage baton," she said. "It is harder for me to find friends who have not had miscarriages now."

Continuing to speak on the devastating matter, Myleene expressed: "The change I'd like to see being made is already being made. The fact that we are having these conversations: I couldn't even say the word 'miscarriage' before."

"I've got my partner talking to his two mates around the table about this. I've had friends' husbands messaging me saying 'I was so broken'."

Myleene said discussing the matter publicly was "important" as "people taking their lives because of this".

"It can put pressure on relationships. The PTSD that some women suffer is the equivalent of a soldier returning from war," she said.

Myleene also speaks about the subject to her partner Simon Motson and her daughters Ava, 14, and Hero, 10.

"I think it's important because these conversations are going on in my house, and I wanted to show that you're not reckless by bringing your children into this," she said.

"The conversations I have with my children are very honest, not scary, because you talk about the pure biology.

"I keep it age relevant to both children but trust them with that information," Myleene concluded.

Myleene's documentary will see her recount her own painful trauma and meet other women who have experienced miscarriages.

Myleene Klass: Miscarriages and Me will air on 5 October on UKTV's W channel.

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