Most people have forgotten about Miley Cyrus’ history with bisexuality

Back in 2009, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth famously met as teenagers on set of the romance film “The Last Song.” What unfolded from there was a real-life romance, one even more tumultuous and consuming than anything Nicholas Sparks has ever written. 

And while news of Miley’s rebound romance with Kaitlynn Cater has caught many by surprise, Miley has long been open about her interest in women. In fact, she came out as queer years ago, arguably before it became mainstream to confirm such information. Here in 2019, celebrities are pretty open about their sexual fluidity: Julianne Hough recently said she’s “not straight”; Paris Jackson, Tessa Thompson and Lauren Jauregui have also spoken candidly on the subject.

Although it’s impossible to know all that’s transpired over the years, let’s take a look at Miley’s public journey in acknowledging her sexuality.

Pre-2009: Even during her Disney Channel years, Miley’s relationships were already making waves. She and Nick Jonas were the It Couple of the teenage sphere during their Disney days, and they supposedly briefly reconciled not long before she met Liam. After she and Nick split, Miley was 15 when she began dating a 20-year-old singer named Justin Gaston.

2009 – 2014: Miley and Liam meet, fall in love, date, break up, date, break up, date again, and in June 2012 get engaged. In March 2013, Miley denies that the wedding is off, but by September, it’s definitely off.

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