Monty Don sets record straight on Gardeners’ World filming query as fan is left confused

Gardeners' World: Monty Don interrupted by dog sowing seeds

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Expert horticulturalist Monty Don, 65, took to Twitter to clarify a fan’s query about BBC show Gardeners’ World’s filming schedule. The best-selling author revealed the surprising amount of time it takes to film, edit and produce every episode of Gardeners’ World, which airs for an hour every week.

Takes 4-5 days to film and 4-5 days to edit

Monty Don

Announcing tonight’s show to his 223,000 followers, Monty revealed what they could look forward to in this evening’s episode.

He wrote: “Gardeners World tonight features pruning, planting, picking, perusing, peppers, pests – and beans.”

He continued: “All at 9pm tonight on BBC2.”

One fan was confused over when the episode was filmed and questioned the author.

They wrote: “I assume this was filmed last week and not this last few days???”

Monty took the time to respond and give his fans an insight into the Gardeners’ World filming schedule.

He revealed that each episode took 10 days in total to shoot and produce before being aired on TV.

He penned: “Always filmed the week before – takes 4-5 days to film and 4-5 days to edit.”

Following the horticulturalist’s announcement of tonight’s show, fans weighed in on the comments with their thoughts.

One wrote: “I’ve just been planting my red geranium in a little terracotta pot this week .. looks pretty good to me, looking forward to tonight’s programme for some gardening tips.”

Another added: “Ah great news, I’ve never been able to grow peppers from seed despite having greenhouse, propagators, etc.”

While a third commented that they hoped the TV presenter’s Yorkshire Terrier would make an appearance.

“& Patti, no way you can miss that little sweetheart. Looking forward to watching!” they wrote.

Weeks ago, the TV gardener took the time to clarify whether it was his garden he filmed the show in, after a fan asked if he “commuted” every day.

They wrote: “@TheMontyDon this might be a dumb question but do you actually live at the Gardeners’ World gardens (I’m assuming they’re connected to some kind of building?) or do you just commute?”

Keen to clarify, Monty responded to put his followers’ minds at rest.

He wrote: “Gardeners’ World is filmed in my garden where I and my family have lived for the past 30 years.”

The favourite BBC series is filmed from his garden, Longmeadow, in Herefordshire, the West Midlands.

Monty and wife Sarah have lived in their home for 30 years. When they bought the property, it featured a two acre abandoned field and just one tree.

In his books and TV series, Monty reveals how he painstakingly spent the following years devoting himself to creating the garden of his dreams.

On his website, the professional gardener revealed that planning for the garden started two years after they moved into the property and “has never really ceased since”.

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