Molly Marsh sparks rumours she’s split with Zach Noble after TikTok ‘dumped’ video

Love Island star Molly Marsh, who appeared on this year's summer series, has sparked rumours of a split with beau Zachariah Noble.

The couple met on the show and appeared to be going strong after leaving the villa. However, Molly's recent TikTok video, where she captioned a clip of herself jumping onto her bed with: "POV you go onto Love Island, find love and get dumped," has left fans confused and speculating about the status of their relationship.

The video's caption raised questions among fans, with many seeking clarity on whether Molly and Zach are still together. One fan wrote: “Wait what!! Are you and Zach still together?!”

Another added: “molly baes please don’t confuse us.”

A third asked: “have they broken up.”

The pair had recently spent time apart as Molly traveled to Los Angeles with her family for a holiday. Zach also posted a cryptic quote about experiencing "ups and downs," adding to the speculation.

He posted a black and white quote on social media, which read: "What if everything you're going through is preparing you for what you asked for?"

The basketball player then captioned it: "You're journey will have ups and a lot more downs. So enjoy all of it.

"Everything you've gone through makes YOU who you are.

"And everything you're going to go through makes you who you'll become.

"You got this.”

Molly and Zach's Love Island journey had its share of drama, with Molly initially coupled up with Mitch Taylor and Zach showing interest in Catherine Agbaje. However, Molly and Zach eventually found a connection and coupled up. They faced challenges when Zach was picked by Kady McDermott during a recoupling, leading to a temporary split. Despite these ups and downs, they reconciled and seemed to be going strong post-villa.

Fans will likely be keeping an eye on Molly and Zach's social media for any official updates about their relationship status. The smitten couple recently opened up about their future, as Zach told of his nerves at meeting her family for the first time.

"You know, I definitely had nerves beforehand,” he explained.

"Obviously I had been introduced to Molly’s parents at the villa but then to meet all her family and friends… I have a very small family so it was the opposite of what I am used to. But they were all so lovely and welcoming."

The couple have previously said that after having their lives put on show for Love Island, they wish to take the next steps in "private."

Zach said: "I'm definitely ready to get home and start the real thing. I couldn't be more grateful Love Island has done its job.

"We're just going to take it slow, there's no pressure, and we know where we are.

"We have made the correct steps and took our time doing it. I want to do this properly now. We've shared a lot over the last two months and I enjoy getting a bit of secrecy back into that and doing some things in private."

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