Mike Campbell Says The Heartbreakers Will Perform Again

Nearly a year has passed since the death of Tom Petty, and Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell has changed his stand on whether the band would ever perform together again.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Campbell said: “I just couldn’t think about doing that” since he thought “it would just be too sad since we’d be missing our other brother.” “Of course we’ll play again someday. We love each other too much not to do that,” he added.

Campbell did not reveal when he will get back with the Heartbreakers.

He ruled out the idea of the Heartbreakers touring with a new singer replacing Tom Petty, who passed away in October last year. “We’ll never go out with Paul Rodgers [who performed with Queen for five years] or someone else. Nobody can fill those shoes. I can’t fill them and I don’t know anybody else that I would want to fill them,” according to Campbell.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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