The Meaning Of Ariana Grande’s "God Is A Woman" Is All About Female Empowerment

Ariana Grande has just released a new single from her upcoming Sweetener album and, let me tell you, it’s rather risqué. On Wednesday, July 11, Grande teased her new single, which is titled “God is a Woman” on Twitter and fans were going wild. The lyrics seemed a bit more sexual than perhaps her fans would expect and it left them with one burning question: what’s the meaning of “God is a Woman”? Now that the full song is out there for everyone to hear, fans are analyzing every single word of it.

So, just what is the meaning of this new song? To answer that question, it’s probably best to dig into the lyrics.

The song starts off with the first verse:

It sounds like she might be referencing some sexy time here, which has fans totally losing their minds. Almost as if she’s relishing her time with that special someone. Pete Davidson, maybe?

Here’s another verse:

It’s almost as if she’s proving her partner wrong about what she’s capable of. And that could be true of so many different circumstances.

Even with all the seductive lyrics, Grande has incorporated some hardcore feminism into this song.

So, she’s basically letting her guy know that she’s the be all, end all. No matter what. Why? Because she’s a woman. That’s some powerful stuff right there. I love it!

Grande is definitely putting herself, as the woman, in a position of power. Like she’s the master of desire and knows exactly how to make it work in her favor.

There’s also these great lines:

“God is a Woman” was originally slated to be released at on Friday, July 20, but Grande surprised fans by moving the date up a whole week to Friday, July 13. She took to Instagram on Thursday, July 12, to announce the exciting news:

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surprise. twenty four hours til giaw.

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She captioned the photo with: “surprise. twenty four hours til giaw.”

It was definitely a big surprise to everyone. And now all the Grande fans out there have just a few weeks to wait until Sweetener is officially released. It’s due out on August 13, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for it. Just a month to go!

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