Maya Jama admits she would never have the ‘confidence’ to be Love Island contestant

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Love Island fans are used to seeing Maya Jama confidently striding into the villa looking incredible, delivering news of recouplings and dumpings. However the Love Island host has shared why she would never be a contestant on the series and why she believes the role of an Islander wouldn't suit her.

At 28 years old, Maya is currently at the helm of Love Island's 10th series, building on her successful tenure as the presenter of Love Island South Africa's winter edition in January.

In an exclusive interview with British Vogue for her August 2023 cover feature, Maya was asked if she would ever contemplate joining the show as a contestant. Her response was firm: "I would not be able to, at any age, strut out of the house in a bikini in front of men who are judging me solely based on a single sentence and my appearance."

Reflecting on the contestants, Maya commended their unwavering self-assurance and confidence, stating: "The confidence of the people that go on! They've got a different kind of juice."

During the chat with the publication, Maya also opened up about her relationship with Stormzy. The popular presenter and the British rapper started dating in 2016 and decided to go their separate ways four years later in 2020.

Maya reflected on her relationship and expressed that she and her ex were unaware of the significance their relationship held for a particular community. She also delved into the shared qualities that bonded them, highlighting their shared ambition and similar backgrounds, acknowledging that they both emerged from humble beginnings and worked hard to achieve success.

In her candid interview, Maya also discussed the unique experience of having her personal and dating life exposed to the public eye. She clarified her professional identity as a TV host and presenter, distinguishing herself from a reality star. She made clear that she has always maintained a boundary between her professional and personal life, choosing not to openly share intimate details and keeping aspects of her life private. 

Just 11 years ago, Maya moved from Bristol to London to pursue her dreams of showbiz, and lived off £1 chicken dinners to try and get by. She told The Sunday Times: “I was broke, ­pretending I’d lost my Oyster card every day so I could get to work. Hustling my little way around London, having £1 ­chicken-shop meals every day.

“But I was happy, I was ­working and I was living in London, I felt like I was getting somewhere. I’d just work as much as I could.”

Maya is now the beloved host of the popular ITV series, seamlessly stepping into the role previously held by Laura Whitmore, who departed from the show last year. Since joining the series, she has impressed viewers with her quick wit, banter, and a wardrobe that steals the spotlight within the villa.

See the full feature in the August issue of British Vogue, available via digital download and on newsstands from Tuesday 18 July. 

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