Man branded ‘scumbag’ after leaving vile message about ill Sir Alex Ferguson

A man has been branded a “scumbag” after he posted a vile tweet saying that football legend Sir Alex Ferguson should have DIED from his brain haemorrhage.

Kile Fields was immediately attacked by hundreds of Twitter users after making the sickening comment.

He tweeted: “20 times 20 times alex fergy 20 times 20 times I say. 20 times 20’ times alex fergy you should have died the munich way. ALL TOGETHER NOW.”

Munich refers to the Munich Air Disaster, which occurred on February 6, 1958, when a flight holding the Manchester United football team – nicknamed the “Busby Babes” – crashed on its third attempt at a take off.

There was a storm of responses to the disgusting tweet, with people calling him “an awful human being” and a “scumbag.”

People also called for his Twitter account to be taken down and for more people to report him.

His account has now been suspended, shortly after the offending Tweet was removed.

User @larrynosetab said: “scumbag” while @harry19631956 said: “Reported. Vile scum.”

Another user, @sharon_cun tweeted: “@KileFields This arsehole wished Alex Ferguson dead! Here he is playing happy families #KileTheArsehole.”

User @widdums, who has Ferguson as his profile picture, said: “@KileFields is a lowlife.

“Told him to take the disgusting tweet down and he responded by telling me to f*** off.

“So I informed his employers of this behaviour and now he’s deleted the tweet and made his account private. At least his comment won’t be seen anymore.”

He added: “Please delete and show some respect, a man is fighting for his life.”

@liverpoolfcgoal replying to @kilefields said: “You’re an awful human being. Good luck in your recovery Alex, get well soon.”

@pogbro tweeted: "amazing job hiring a douche bag, @SecurityKNF. I guess your firm doesn’t believe in background checks before hiring such vile individuals as @KileFields. Mocking a tragedy such as the Munich crash and talking ill about a hospitalised man. Bravo.”

Alarm technician Kile is thought to have set up his own company, KNF Fire & Security Services, in Scarborough, north Yorks.

The post came in response to the former Manchester United manager being rushed to hospital on Saturday morning.

The Scot is recovering from emergency brain surgery in Salford Royal Hospital, Greater Manchester.

Minutes after Fergie, 76, had come round from emergency brain surgery he was joking about flying to Kiev in two weeks’ time for the Champions League Final.

The United legend’s first words were: “How did Doncaster get on?”

Fergie was rushed to hospital hours before son Darren’s Doncaster Rovers were hosting Wigan in the final game of the season- but lost 1-0.

During his 26 years with Manchester United he won 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, and two UEFA Champions League titles.

North Yorkshire Police say they are aware of the Tweet.

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