MAFS UK ‘most explosive yet’ with ‘wife swapping, huge rows and punch up between the grooms’

It’s no secret that Married At First Sight is jam-packed with drama, arguments and marital woes, but it seems that the next UK season could be its most volatile one to date.

Speaking to new, our source has revealed that the twists and turns of this year’s upcoming series are like nothing seen before on the smash-hit E4 show, which follows couples who tie the knot without having ever met each other.

“This season of MAFS UK has just finished filming and it is very explosive. [There’s] wife swapping, massive rows and even a physical altercation between two of the grooms. One of them was even removed from the show,” our source said.

The prospect of such outrageous behaviour will be sure to keep the programme’s legions of fans hooked.

The source, who knows one of the cast, continued, “Since filming ended, the cast’s WhatsApp group chat has blown up. The two grooms are going head-to-head and are planning a boxing fight between them.

“The reunion is due to be filmed in July and at this rate it will be explosive.”

When speaking about the potential cause of the fireworks, the source believed it could be down to the ages of the participants on this year’s show.

Unlike the 2022 season, where the youngest contestant was 29 and the eldest was 51, this time series bosses seem to have scouted even younger couples.

The source said, “This year has a younger cast, which has resulted in loads of drama.”

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, for fans who have been avidly following the Australian version, which has just wrapped its 10th season, it seems that won’t hold a candle to this jaw-dropping UK series.

“By the sounds of it, if people think the Australian version is good, then they’ll be shocked by this year’s UK one,” added our source.

However, despite all the on-screen shenanigans, it does appear that some friendships have started to blossom. The source told us about certain cast members who are hoping to jet off on sunshine breaks together.

“Many of the cast are planning holidays with each other over the next few weeks,” our source said, ensuring the contestants are back to film the reunion.

“They have been told the show is due to go on TV at the back end of August.”

And proving that the friendships forged off camera often last longer than the marriages seen on the show, BFFs Sophie Brown and Chanita Stephenson, who were in last year’s series, are regularly pictured on Instagram together.

Chanita, 30, sweetly admitted that she “can’t imagine” her life without 30-year-old Sophie.

But, judging by the previous series, MAFS UK matchmakers Charlene Douglas, Paul C Brunson and Mel Schilling have got their work cut out for them.

Last season was so chaotic that producers had to “step in to stop fights between cast members” during the 2022 reunion special, especially when things escalated between Adrian Sanderson and Matt Murray.

And viewers were left stunned when it was revealed Matt, 32, and Whitney Hughes had an affair and cheated on their respective partners Gemma Rose and Duka Cavolli.

Gemma, 31, who didn’t hold back her thoughts about the revelation during the show, was just as vocal about her “traumatic” time on MAFS UK on Instagram.

It’s also been reported that the show’s format itself will undergo a major shake-up.

As the programme was last year’s most watched show on the All4 catch-up service, bosses were said to be keen to capitalise on its success. As a result, this year’s series will be the longest in its history.

Back in 2021, MAFS UK ran for 21 episodes, before increasing to 30 in 2022. This year, the show will reportedly have 40 episodes and is set to include more couples than ever.

Another source told a newspaper, “The electrifying telly and the weekly dinner parties were more explosive than ever, plus there were some genuinely sweet moments where matches paid off. Fans can expect a lot more of the same, with some new exciting twists.”

It looks like the show will be hitting our screens at the end of August, which lines up with last year’s launch date of 29 August.

However, with more episodes than ever, it would mean the show could potentially run for as long as Love Island.

With the reunion, which catches up with couples after the marriage experiment is complete, set to be filmed in July, fans won’t have to wait too long for even more stormy showdowns and unexpected twists.


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