Mac Miller’s Death Ultimately Broke Up Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Some Insiders Say

Today, TMZ is reporting that sources have identified Mac Miller’s death as the event that doomed Ariana Grande’s relationship with now former fiance Pete Davidson. TMZ’s sources say that while Ariana didn’t blame herself for Mac’s death, the impact of his overdose put her into such a dark mindset that it created unsustainable stress on the relationship with Pete.

According to TMZ’s sources, Ariana seems to have realized from her feelings after Mac Miller’s passing that she couldn’t be fully invested in her relationship with Pete. That made Ariana recognize that she had rushed into a potential marriage way too fast by becoming so quickly engaged.

While TMZ’s sources may be right, the explanation seems to conflict somewhat with what appeared to be very recent affectionate interactions between Ariana and Pete. Some other sources are suggesting that while TMZ’s report is in general correct and Mac Miller’s death had an impact, the decision to split was a much more sudden, surprising and emotional one made by Ariana over the last few days.

Under the build-up of layers of pressure, according to these sources, Ariana appears to have just snapped and decided that she could not deal with the relationship.

Eventually, though, it is pretty clear that a fuller picture will emerge. With two people as unfiltered and oversharing as Ariana and Pete tend to be, more details are sure to leak out.

Do you think that Mac’s death was really the reason Ariana split with Pete?

(Image sources: Mac Miller and Ariana Grande Instagram accounts)


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