'Love is Blind' Star Mark Cuevas Talks Jessica Batten Engagement

Rabid fans of “Love is Blind” practically BEGGED the star, Mark Cuevas, to dump his ruthless fiancee on the show … but he couldn’t let her go and his reason kinda makes sense.


We got Mark out Thursday in Atlanta and asked him what pretty much every fan of the hit Netflix series has been asking since Jessica Batten dumped him at the altar: why didn’t HE dump her way before that after she put him through hell?!?!

Mark tells us the connection he made with Jessica was pretty deep, beyond what fans even saw on the show. The idea of losing that connection, he said, is what made it so hard to kick her to the curb. Heck, he even gave her one of his grandmother’s bracelets. Don’t worry, he got it back.

For the uninitiated … the show features singles who get to know each other by talking through a wall inside a pod. If they make a connection, they can only meet face-to-face if they agree to get engaged and they immediately begin planning the wedding.

Mark and Jessica got off to a strong start but Messica — as fans dubbed her — became the villain when she two-timed Mark and started talking to Matt Barnett, who hinted he’d propose to Jessica … but backed out.

Eventually, Mark proposed to Jessica, but the wheels quickly fell off … capped by Jessica’s drunken confession about the other guy, and her jilting Mark.

But, watch the vid, Mark tells us why he’ll always have love for Jessica — but he plays it pretty coy when we ask if he’s dating anyone else these days.

We’ll say this … sounds like he’s got something brewing for the March 5 reunion.

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