‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Recap: Is Teairra’s BF Married? Paris & Nikki Baby Investigate

Uh oh! Teairra Mari may seem really into Akbar, but Paris and Nikki Baby discovered he was hanging out with a woman who claims to be his wife! Find out what’s going on, here.

Should Teairra Mari be worried? According to her two friends, Paris and Nikki Baby, she may wanna steer clear of her new man, Akbar, as they discovered during the Aug. 20 episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood that he may already be married to another woman! After Akbar expressed his concern over Teairra being friends with Paris and Nikki Baby at a previous party, they did some investigating on social media and learned that another woman named Sade has been telling her followers that she’s married to Akbar. So what gives? Well, Paris and Nikki Baby told Teairra what they found, but she said that she’s aware of the woman and that Sade is his ex-wife. The ladies wanted to see if Akbar had been lying to Teairra, so they set up a secret meeting with Sade, when Sade told them she is, in fact, currently married to Akbar and as far as she’s concerned, he’s not sleeping with Teairra Mari. So who exactly is telling the truth? We’re not sure of that yet, but we suspect we’ll get more answers next week. 

Meanwhile, Lyrica and A1 started sharing their divorce news with the world, and while they seemed okay with it all, things took a turn for the worse at Donatella‘s showcase. Lyrica wasn’t happy with the fact that A1 was working with certain women, and she almost came to blows with one of them. And then, Lyrica’s own producer friend showed up and started fighting with A1 before they started going at it. The producer even threw a punch at A1 before security broke up their fight and escorted the producer out of the club. Surprisingly, amidst all this fighting, Lyrica was defending A1. WTF?

In other L&HH news, Brooke went all out to win back Marcus. First, she invited Stassia over to try to scare her off and away from Marcus, but it didn’t work. Well, not totally. But Marcus did show up and he and Stassia got into an argument. Then, when Stassia and Marcus went to the doctor’s to find out whether or not she’s really pregnant (she’s not), Brooke unexpectedly showed up to find out the news. When she learned Stassia wasn’t pregnant, they started arguing and then Stassia dumped Marcus. So in the end, Brooke’s plan worked — now she has Marcus all to herself.

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