Lorraine Kelly says she ‘went completely off the rails’ with booze and food over lockdown

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ITV talk show host Lorraine Kelly admitted to Express.co.uk she went from a size 10 to a size 14 over lockdown, and spoke about how her increased food and alcohol intake were partly to blame. The journalist has teamed up with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) in hopes of getting her confidence and “va va voom back”.

Lorraine, 62, spoke about how she was dismayed to find that she had gone from a size 10 to a size 14 due to the change to her diet over lockdown. 

Speaking about how the pandemic affected her, Lorraine said: “Things were different. All of a sudden, the routine in our lives went. 

“I mean, I still had a routine, but there were no exercise classes – maybe once a day you could walk your dogs? 

“And comfort eating. I just went completely off the rails. I was like, ‘You needed that big bar of chocolate. You need that whole packet of Hobnobs, you can’t just have one.’

“And I was also drinking too much – not to excess – but I was having a glass of wine where I normally wouldn’t,” she explained.

“You know, I don’t drink that much anyway, so all of that contributed to me slowly, gradually, putting on weight and going from a size 10 – which is what I’m supposed to be when I’m really happy – to a size 14. 

“And whilst that’s fine for most people, we all know what size we’re supposed to be.”

Speaking about getting back down to her perfect dress size, Lorraine confessed: “I’ve done it before myself, but I just needed help this time. 

“I just think there’s so much going on. We’re all a bit overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world and I just needed help and WW has just been perfect because it’s all up to you what you want to do.”

Alcohol aside, one particularly unhealthy habit that had contributed to Lorraine’s weight gain over lockdown was what the journalist described as the “chocolate plate”.

Remembering the way she used to eat during lockdown, she said: “I think the pandemic made all of us a bit like that. I know a lot of people used it as an opportunity to get really fit and honestly, I’m in awe.

“But for me? No, I just ate far too much rubbish. Every night, me and my husband would share a chocolate plate and every night it got bigger and bigger and that was at 7 o’clock at night and that’s not good. 

“So I’ve kind of stopped with the chocolate plate. If he wants it, that’s fine.”

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Lorraine described how, while the perfect size is different for every person, she wanted to get back to feeling like herself again.

“It’s not about how much space you take up in the world,” Lorraine explained. “It’s about what’s right for you. It all comes down to confidence, doesn’t it?” 

Speaking about dropping back down to a size 10, she explained: “That’s what I’m supposed to be. I mean, if I went thinner – not that I would – but if I went down to less than a size 10, I wouldn’t look very well. 

“You know, I’d start to look haggard and too thin because that wouldn’t be me. 

“But other women? It’s different for everyone. It’s just what is right for you.”

Speaking about her new WW plan to form healthier habits, Lorraine added: “I think the main thing for me is that I just want to get my va va voom back. Just to get me back from before the pandemic.

“And I know I can do that because I’ve done it before, but this time I just wanted a helping hand. 

“It’s not about weight anymore, we’ve advanced, we’ve moved on. That’s really what I want to get across – and avoiding stupid dieting because it doesn’t work!” she concluded.

Lorraine Kelly has joined WW as a new ambassador. #joinLorraine on her weight loss and wellness journey with WW, where you can enjoy the foods you love with no restrictions. 

To be your best self whilst still losing weight, visit ww.com/uk/ambassadors/lorraine-kelly and get 50% off today.

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