Lorraine Kelly: ITV star addresses Government advice amid lockdown ‘Never understood it’

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ITV favourite Lorraine Kelly, 60, found herself among those who couldn’t understand why the UK government didn’t allow the beauty industry to open up shop earlier than they did. Beauty salons were given the all clear to open on July 13 with certain treatments still banned, whereas hairdressers and barbers were allowed to open one week prior on July 4, leaving many stumped as to why.

I have never understood why it took so long for beauty salons to be allowed to offer their services again

Lorraine Kelly

As the lockdown continues to ease, Lorraine said she was “enjoying” getting a little taste of normal life by going about her daily chores and visiting her favourite salons for some much needed me-time.

But she openly admitted the hold-off on letting certain salons within the industry open, was confusing.

“I have never understood why it took so long for beauty salons to be allowed to offer their services again,” she said after discussing the wonders of being able to have a pedicure.

“The whole industry has always implemented strict hygiene methods, and are now even more stringent.”

The ITV star couldn’t express enough the “feel-good factor” after getting a treatment done, especially at times like this.

She also revealed she managed to get an appointment at the dentist, which have all been closed since March 25 and been inundated with patients needing routine and emergency appointments.

“It was an education in proper COVID-19 protection and made me feel very safe and secure,” she told Woman and Home of her own dentist practice.

“I had to leave my handbag in a plastic box at reception, thoroughly re-wash and sanitise my hands (with those clever dispensers operated with a foot pedal to be even more hygienic) and wear a hairnet and mask into the treatment room.”

But like a lot of us, it’s not been plain sailing for the telly stalwart over these past few months.

When the lockdown was at its most strict, Lorraine revealed she was extremely worried about her parents up in Scotland catching the dreaded illness.

“Catching something and then giving it to my mum and dad is just unthinkable,” she said.

“I think anybody who has been affected directly by coronavirus, whether they have lost someone or had it themselves, is really aware of the dangers. Behind all the statistics are real people who have suffered.”


And her concerns only grew by watching the news, where she found her anxiety peaked.

“When we first went into lockdown, I had real anxiety and felt quite overwhelmed by it all,” she said.

“Back then, the news channels were on constantly, I was always looking at social media, and it was too much. So I now take a little bit of time out.”

She explained she escapes the real world chaos by taking her beloved pooch Angus for a walk.

“He’s such a stress-buster,” she told Good Housekeeping.

“He comes into the room every morning before I get up, around 5am, and he sits on my bed and it just makes me feel better.”

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