Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan praised by sister Linda for sharing cancer diagnosis

Loose Women: Coleen Nolan discusses skin cancer scare

Coleen Nolan spoke about her skin cancer scare for the very first time on today’s Loose Women, prompting her sister Linda Nolan to send her a heartfelt message of support.

The 58-year-old ITV presenter and former musical star explained how she had found a “tiny bit of skin” on her shoulder, which “wasn’t annoying” but wouldn’t go.

Following a visit to the dermatologist, it was revealed Coleen had skin cancer and would need to start treatment right away.

After Coleen discussed the scary experience with her Loose Women co-stars today, her sister Linda praised her in view of her 17,200 Twitter followers.

She wrote: “Very proud of my little sis. She acted on her instincts, found something amiss and got it checked.

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“If you spot something out of the ordinary for you, PLEASE get it checked. Don’t be frightened.”

Coleen and Linda’s family has a history of cancer, with the latter sister recently sharing an update on her own battle with the illness.

Linda, who is battling an incurable brain tumour, explained she was losing her hair again due to her treatment in a recent interview.

She told the Daily Mirror: “People say, ‘Well you know you look great’, but inside I’m screaming ‘I just don’t want to lose my hair again!’ I was devastated at losing it.”

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Coleen and Linda’s sister Anne has also battled cancer, and their other sister Bernie died from the terrible disease a decade ago.

Speaking to her co-stars on Loose Women, Coleen admitted she was reluctant to tell anyone about her scare because of what her sisters have had to endure already.

She recalled how the diagnosis had “hit her like a ton of bricks” at the time, as she spoke about her visit to the doctor.

“I had my coat on and everything, I took my coat off and said, ‘Can you just check this on my shoulder? I think it is a bit of eczema?’,” she remembered.

“And he said, ‘No that is basal cell carcinoma, you need to come back in’.

“And all of a sudden you think, ‘No, no can you just say it’s eczema, please? I didn’t come here for that.’

“Anyway, I went back in and he was very good and he said, ‘Look, it is nothing to worry about, it is a cancer which doesn’t necessarily spread but you do need to treat it.’”

Loose Women returns tomorrow at 12.30pm on ITV.

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