‘Lonely Harry has regrets but the last thing Meghan wants is to return to UK,’ says Tom Bower

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Another week brings with it another twist in the story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

As reports suggested the couple are “taking time apart” and having “money woes”, royal author Tom Bower gave his opinion of the state of the couple’s relationship, and claimed to OK! that the couple have “hit a brick wall”.

“Harry and Meghan are experiencing a crisis of identity, a crisis of purpose and a crisis of finance,” Tom claimed. “Who are they, what are they going to do in the future? I think they’ve exhausted their possibilities and have hit a brick wall.”

It comes after reports Harry is keen to return to the UK, reaching out to his brother, Prince William, for advice following the shock collapse of his and wife Meghan’s $20 million deal with Spotify.

The couple, who live with their children Archie, four, and Lilibet, two, in Montecito, California, also missed out on an Emmy award for their explosive Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan.

To add to their woes, there were claims that it’s proving “tough” to get future Netflix projects off the ground due to the US writers’ strike, which has halted production on many TV shows and films.

Another report claimed that when Harry suggested to Meghan that they return to London and the royal family, she was “taken aback”. It added that William “didn’t quite know what to say” but King Charles is said to be considering the matter.

Tom, however, predicted little chance of reconciliation.

“I think Harry’s offer will ultimately be rejected,” he claimed. “I doubt William and Kate can forgive Harry. I don’t think he can come back – he’s caused so much damage to the family and the concern now is that if he does return, he could well damage it even further.

“I think Meghan would’ve been horrified by Harry’s suggestion. She’s not close to William and Kate, and in my opinion, London was just a stepping stone for her. I would imagine the last thing she’d want to do is return to England to live in a small, poky flat in Kensington Palace.”

After deciding to step down from royal duties in 2020, Meghan and Harry shared their side of the story about “the firm” in their 2022 Netflix documentary.

Harry claimed he was left “terrified” after his father and brother “screamed” at him at the so-called Sandringham summit in January 2020, and claimed there was an “unconscious [racist] bias” in the Windsor family.

Later, in his book Spare, he detailed a physical confrontation with his older brother, who he says pushed him into a dog bowl.

Tom said Harry would find it tough to make a permanent return to the UK given the controversy his documentary and book have caused back home.

“I don’t think there’s a place for Harry here. I believe he’s not wanted in Britain,” Tom said.

“He’s lost so many friendships here. I can imagine he’s feeling lonely and frustrated, and probably regretting that he doesn’t have a relationship with his family, too. But I think he’s burned too many bridges and dug himself a hole. It’s going to be very hard for him to get out of it.”

Harry has previously spoken of his “worries” over Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis becoming the “spares” to the heir, their big brother.

“Out of those three children, at least one will end up like me, the spare,” he said. “And that hurts me, that worries me.”

These comments are likely to have caused concern for the Prince and Princess of Wales, and royal expert Angela Levin has a warning for Kate – keep Prince George away from his Uncle Harry.

Angela says that Kate is well aware of the challenges that lie ahead for George as he grows up with the world’s paparazzi cameras trained on him, and she has done everything to ensure he’s equipped with the emotional tools to face those pressures.

“George doesn’t have a dysfunctional family, unlike William and Harry growing up, so he should fare better,” she said. “Kate and William are there to help him. But he needs to be kept away from Harry’s negative influence.”

Tom agreed, adding, “Kate was the peacemaker between the brothers at the late Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral [in 2021], but after the release of Harry’s book and the Sussexes’ documentary, that’s all over. I really don’t think Kate wants to see Harry again.

Of course Prince George will be oblivious to all this – Harry will simply be forever marginalised in his memory.”