Lizzo Breaks Down in Tears After Attacks by Racist Trolls

First and foremost, Lizzo is known and beloved for her spectacular musical talents.

But Lizzo’s sharing of body-positive messages have been inspiring her fans (and drawing new fans) for years.

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of vicious monsters, who have been bombarding her with body-shaming and racist messages.

Many of these are in the form of public comments. It’s gotten so bad that Lizzo is in tears, and social media giants are stepping in.

Lizzo may be recognized for her strength and charisma.

But even the strongest voices can crack when overwhelmed by unspeakable vitriol.

This has brought Lizzo to tears on camera, as you can see in the heartbreaking video that we have included.

On Sunday, Lizzo took to Instagram Live to discuss the mounting negativity that trolls have thrown at her.

She and Cardi B released a new song, “Rumors,” which seems to have drawn the attention of these hateful morons.

The result has been fat-shaming, racism, and more … and discussing it saw tears streaming down Lizzo’s cheeks.

Lizzo has put a lot of work into positivity and sharing it with others.

At times, however, she feels an intense and hateful backlash that outweighs the love that comes back to her.

Most of the time, she can brush it off (though she shouldn’t have to), but right now, Lizzo is feeling especially vulnerable.

Lizzo has been hard at work, and she admits that this can wear her down and make her more sensitive to racist, body-shaming morons than usual.

She suggests that people who hate her could just, you know, not engage with her or what she makes.

Unfortunately, she says that the opposite seems to happen — people actively seek her out in order to attack her over social media.

It doesn’t make sense, but cruetly rarely does. Lizzo is still spreading positivity on Twitter, however.

“Loving yourself in a world that don’t love u back takes an incredible amount of self awareness & a bulls–t detector that can see through ass backwards societal standards,” she remarks.

“If u managed to love yourself today I’m proud of u,” Lisso tweeted. “If u haven’t, I’m still proud of u. This s–t’s hard.”

Watching Lizzo cry is, to be frank, heartbreaking.

This is not easy to witness, and not only because she is such a profoundly strong person.

It’s also difficult because this isn’t a tearful apology designed to gain sympathy.

Lizzo did nothing wrong.

The hate that is aimed at her is not just undeserved, but totally unprompted.

These beasts simply hate her for existing.

Cardi B, Chloe Bailey, and other celebrities have of course spoken up in her defense.

Racism, body-shaming, and other small-minded hatefulness has no place in a civilized society.

It is also at least somewhat unwelcome on Facebook.

TMZ reports that Facebook saw the avalanche of spite aimed at Lizzo and is taking action.

The social media behemoth often seems to do more harm than good, but are currently working on scrubbing racist and body-shaming comments aimed at her.

FB will continue to review and remove comments. In some cases, the platform is deleting entire accounts because the violations of site guidelines are so egregious.

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