Lauren Goodger blames the the flu for ‘eating her bum’ in revealing video

She’s compared herself to Kim Kardashian in the past and, like the hugely successful American reality star, Lauren Goodger is unusually proud of her bum.

A recent bout of illness seems to have deflated this prized asset though, as the latest instalment of Lauren’s Instagram story proclaims that the flu has ‘eaten her bum’ as she complains about changing figure.

She’s vowed to get back into the gym as soon as possible to restore her callipygian curves to their former glory.

Lauren’s face and figure seem to be in constant flux, whether it’s through surgery – she’s recently had some facial fillers removed after she decided they made her look too ‘manly’ – exercise or diet.

In 2011 she underwent a £4,000 nose job to fix a bump left by her nephew dropping a metal toy fire engine on her face.

“On TV, from certain angles, my nose would look really awful and the more I watched the shows, the more of a complex I would get about my appearance," she explained at the time.

In 2014 plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni said: “Lauren’s very arched eyebrows, shiny, wrinkle free forehead are indicators of anti-wrinkle injections.

“Her mouth has also changed shape; her top lip appears to have been filled and when she smiles she has no visible cupid’s bow.”

Another cosmetic practitioner, Dr Mervyn Patterson, commented: “I think she has also had fillers used to volumise her cheeks as they appear fuller and more rounded.

“The forehead is smooth and the eyebrows are arched upwards. This suggests Botox has been injected to the forehead to smooth and give lifting effect to the eyebrows.”

Lauren rejected the claims at the time, saying “So many people have accused me of getting my lips done after I posted a picture of myself with fuller-looking lips on Instagram.

“I can assure you that I haven’t had anything done – it’s just clever make-up. I bought a lip-plumping product from MAC that makes your lips look really full. The lipliner I had on also made them look fuller.”

She also denied having botox but did admit to having another procedure – a mild CO2 laser treatment.

"I had it done around my eyes and mouth to bring out the natural collagen and the doctor warned me my face would stay puffy for up to two weeks afterwards," she insisted.

"I looked like a chipmunk when I left the clinic, but it’s calmed down since. Contrary to some claims, I’ve not had Botox."

Then in 2016 Lauren, 32, finally conceded that she had had lip fillers – bin an announcement that she’d decided to have them removed.

"I wanted to look less puffy and slimmer in the face," she wrote in her column for new! magazine.

"I feel my smile’s better too. I look so much better. I’m over the moon – I feel a lot classier and less fake."

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