Lana Del Rey Goes HARD After Azealia Banks On Twitter!

The beef is real!

As we reported, after Kanye West shared a photo of himself wearing a MAGA hat, Lana Del Rey SLAMMED the rapper on Instagram, calling him out for his “narcissism.”

On September 30, a Twitter account believed to belong to Azealia Banks then accused Rey of pretending to be an ally with her Yeezy attack.

The female MC reportedly wrote:

“Wow okay Lana, this would be cute if you were consistent with your outrage and refused to collab with ASAP rocky who has physically assaulted women too… To me this just looks like the typical White woman taking using a weakened target to ‘pretend’ to be an ally… Especially because you know that a white woman vs a black male will result in an immediate victory for the white woman due to societal circumstances. You wouldn’t dare challenge a black woman on her opinion because you don’t have that (much of a) social prejudice in place between.”‘

Fast forward to Tuesday, Rey responded to the disses thrown by the purported Banks with even MORE disses! Lana wrote:

After the alleged Banks account made fun of Rey’s rumored plastic surgery, Lana clapped back by writing:

Then the supposed Banks threatened legal action for Rey’s “pull up” tweet, to which Lana responded by saying:


Can’t we all just get along??

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