Kristin Cavallari Mocks Vegans After Being Accused Of Animal Cruelty– See Pics

Not all jokes are funny. Kristin Cavallari made an insensitive comment about her pet goat following her chicken joke, and die hard vegans are furious! Get all the details here!

If you’re a fan of Kristin Cavallari, 31, you know she has an interesting sense of humor. On May 28, the former Laguna Beach star took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with her chicken captioned, “Pet today, dinner tomorrow. Kidding. Kind of,” and her followers went bananas accusing her of animal cruelty. “You are disgusting,” one user wrote. “Wow, girl, you think that chicken comment of yours was funny?” another user asked. And while many might take that as cue to refrain from such jokes, Kristin hit a nerve yet again when posted another photo on July 7. This time, it was an Instagram of herself holding a very rowdy goat. “The vegans will say she’s trying to get away because of my chicken comment,” Kristin captioned the photo. It’s safe to say she’s unbothered!

“Please do some research on veganism and maybe you’ll understand why we don’t take your ‘animal jokes’ lightly,” one fan fired back after seeing the new photo. “The issue with this post is the flippant, arrogant, uneducated, ignorant, non-compassionate connotation behind the caption, a notion to make ‘fun’ of not only a VERY LARGE group of people– but to also make light of all the horrors that go into the meat industry. It’s sickening. It’s so sad really,” another fan wrote. One fan even went as far as saying she’s still the same “mean girl” from The Hills. “I thought she’d changed some since The Hills but she’s still totally vapid and rude,” the fan commented.

Fortunately for Kristin, not everyone is heated. “I personally thought the chicken statement was hilarious; it’s natural as we are carnivores. Stop trying to change people and concentrate on yourselves and your own decisions,” one fan wrote coming to Kristin’s defense.

“We don’t have to be over the top and preach everything we do, which is unfortunately the way a lot of people in society live these days. I’m a meat eater and couldn’t care less how much of the population eat meat, etc., and don’t force vegans to change their life choices, I think you all need to calm yourselves and just live your life,” the fan continued. Kristin has yet to comment on the backlash, but she has a lot of other things to focus on like her new show Very Cavallari, which premiered on Sunday, July 8 on E!

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