Kris Jenner Eager To Sign Jeremy Meeks & Chloe Green On For Reality Show Due To Pregnancy

Kris Jenner knows an opportunity when she sees one! And now that Jeremy Meeks & Chloe Green are expecting a baby, HL learned the momager’s determined to make a buck off them — and she has more in mind than just a TV show!

If there’s one thing Kris Jenner, 62, knows, it’s business — and she’s not one to sit idly by! Interested in creating her own lucrative opportunity, the reality star is apparently in talks with Jeremy Meeks, 34, and Chloe Green, 27, to create a reality show surrounding the couple’s relationship. That’s not all though. Kris also wants to manage their unborn baby! Clearly the mom-of-six wastes no time.

“Kris would love to sign up Chloe, Jeremy, and their unborn baby to a TV development deal,” a source close to Kris shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “Kris is always looking for ways to grow her own empire and wants to be the momager for their baby. Kris thinks the gorgeous couple will have a beautiful baby, and with their big names, the child is destined for great things.” Chloe is currently pregnant with her first child — Jeremy’s second — and she could give birth as soon as June. But born or not, Kris is ready to move NOW!

“Kris wants them to get the marketing in place now, before the baby is even born,” our insider explained. “Kris thinks their life together as a family would make for a fascinating reality show. Kris wants to manage the young couple and has promised to help take them to the next level when they are ready to trust her with their future.” Just last week, on May 24, Kris, Chloe, and Jeremy were photographed all together on a yacht in Monaco. Perhaps some business discussions were being had?

Also on the boat was Chloe’s mom and British racing driver Lewis Hamilton. Talk about an unlikely bunch! Chloe was photographed just one day later vaping with her massive baby bump, which was quite alarming for some fans since pregnant women are highly advised not to smoke for the safety of their child. Speaking with a doctor EXCLUSIVELY, we learned that even though Chloe could be vaping without a cartridge and ingesting zero nicotine, it can still be harmful.

“Studies on the dangers and long term effects of vaping are still ongoing, but I would advise all women not to vape while pregnant, and to abstain from all, or any, smokeless products containing tobacco, such as snuff, chewing tobacco, etc,” Los Angeles-based doctor Dr. Peter Gonzalez told us. “Last year a new study found that vaping could also cause damage to the neural crest cells in utero, which help form many different tissues like bones, cartilage, skin, teeth and glands, which can lead to cranio facial birth defects, such as cleft palates.”

Dr. Gonzalez added, “The popular flavored E-cigarettes, such as vanilla, berries, mint, and coffee, etc. are potentially even more damaging to fetal development, and even those that do not contain tobacco have been proven to dramatically increase the possibility of cranio facial defects.”

Chloe and Jeremy first got together during fourth of July weekend last year. At the time, Jeremy was still married to his wife, Melissa Meeks. Melissa ended up finding out about her cheating husband the way the rest of the world did — when photos surfaced of Chloe and Jeremy getting cozy together. Melissa and Jeremy reached a divorce settlement in March, in which Jeremy agreed to pay Melissa $1,000 a month in child support for their son Jeremy Jr. The two now share legal joint custody of the child.

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