Kourtney Kardashian Was Mom-Shamed Over Penelope Disick's Fake Nails in TikTok Video

Kourtney Kardashian has come under fire many times over the years for various reasons, from the clothes that she wears to her choice of occupation. Still, the reality star has undoubtedly received the most criticism for the way that she parents her three young children.

Recently, Kardashian ended up in the headlines again when she launched a joint TikTok account with her daughter, Penelope Disick. While many fans love the content that the duo share, one particular video has managed to cause quite a stir with parents online, with many slamming her for letting her 9-year-old daughter wear fake nails.

In October, Kardashian and her 9-year-old daughter launched a TikTok account. The account, titled @pandkourt, has a bio that reads “Account managed by an adult. Can we get to 3 mil please Thank you guys so much.” With 2.5 million followers currently, it seems as though Kardashian and Disick are well on their way to reaching their 3 million goal.

The duo’s TikTok features a lot of videos of Disick, with the young girl sharing a special peek into her extravagant lifestyle. While the profile picture is of Disick and her mother, it’s clear that Disick is the one taking the majority of the videos. Disick’s TikTok videos have attracted a great deal of attention, not all of it positive – and one recent video managed to drum up controversy with critics online. 

In early December, a new TikTok video posted on the joint account began causing controversy. The video, which features Disick pouring a soda, showcases the young girl wearing long, press-on nails. According to The Daily Mail, Kardashian was immediately slammed by critics on social media for allowing her daughter to wear fake nails. One critic wrote, “Wow, kids this age put on nails in the USA… wow…” Another wrote incredulously “Are u serious ?????????”

Some fans expressed jealousy and amazement at Disick’s privileged lifestyle, with one critic writing ‘WAIT..does she have tips on?! At That age I was lucky enough to wear eyeshadow….. She’s coming out with that whole flex.” Kourtney Kardashian didn’t directly address the criticism of her parenting – although, over the years, the reality star has had a lot of practice dealing with mom-shaming. 

Kardashian has been open about her preference for unconventional parenting methods—and time and again, she had to deal with mom-shamers because of it.

Notably, Kardashian allowed her youngest son, Reign Disick, to have very long hair for a number of years. Every time Kardashian shared a photo of her young son to social media, critics would complain that she should cut his hair, which often prompted the reality star to “clap back,” refuting the haters in a style all her own.

Penelope Disick has also come under fire for her unique hairstyles. Kardashian has no problem allowing her daughter to rock dyed locks, and recently, the young girl showed up on social media with a dramatic, dyed-red hairstyle.

While many critics complained that the look was too grown-up for a child, there were those who appreciated the fact that Kardashian allows her children to march to the beat of their own drums. Finally, Kardashian has been accused of being too strict with her children’s diets, since she notoriously prefers the children to follow a gluten-free, mostly meatless diet. Ultimately, Kardashian clearly isn’t affected by what the critics say and seems to be well-versed in handling internet criticism. 

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