Kim Kardashian won’t back down about changing baby name Kanye West picked

Kim Kardashian has revealed she has no intention of backing down from her plan to change her daughter Chicago’s name – and is even trying to get the new moniker trending.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram tonight, the proud mum revealed six-month-old Chicago and her brother Saint, two, are "inseparable".

Sharing a photo of her youngest children sitting on a sofa together, she wrote: "These two are inseparable #Chi #Saint."

So it seems Kim is determined to get Chi to catch on with her fans.

Yesterday Kim admitted Chicago "doesn’t flow" and she instead shortens it to ‘Chi’, pronounced ‘shy’.

And even her sister Khloe is on board with the new moniker, tweeting: "North, Saint and Chi are such sweet little loves!"

Kim says she loves short names like North and Saint but couldn’t find another for her third baby.

"Chicago just looks really long to me and doesn’t flow, so I call her Chi. That’s it, she can decide later if she wants to be called Chicago or Chi," she said.

Adding: "But like she’s so girly. When she first came out I was like what do we name her? It was the hardest decision ever and I could not think of a name."

She continued: "All the other names we had for her, we were going to name her Rei and spell it R-e-i for Kanye’s dad Rei and she doesn’t look like a Rei.

"We were going to call her Jo for Mary Jo and have it be Jo West. She doesn’t look like a Jo."

After Kanye chose Chicago after his home town, Kim has become determined to add a middle name.

"I’m going to add one. I haven’t really been into middle names but it’s like I really wanted a name that was short," she said.

"A one syllable name. Noel is my middle name and it’s not a one syllable name but it’s short.

"Like I love the name Noel. Kanye does not. So I unofficially instagrammed Chi Noel and I was like I’m doing this because I want her middle name to be Noel."

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