Kieran Hayler’s ex reveals the real reason he cheated on Katie Price

Ever since Katie Price married Kieran Hayler back in 2013, the pair have faced a very turbulent relationship.

Just three years after it was revealed Kieran had been sleeping with Katie’s former best friends Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas, she made the shocking announcement he’d reportedly been at it again with their nanny Nikki Brown.


Following the 30-year-old’s latest infidelity, now Kieran’s ex-girlfriend Laura-Alicia Summers has lifted the lid on the real reason she thinks he’s cheated – and it’s pretty harsh!

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‘There’s no excuse for cheating, but I can maybe understand why he did it,‘ Laura told Closer magazine.

‘The women he cheated were there for him. He wasn’t going out and getting validated by female attention, so he turned to the closest possible options to give him that – who happened to be Katie’s friends and then the nanny.’

The Ex On The Beach star dated Kieran, 31, for four-months before he dumped her for Katie in 2012, and now she’s claimed Pricey isn’t giving him enough attention.

Laura continued: ‘I just know that he’s no wallflower – he cheats because he craves constant female attention, and perhaps he wasn’t getting enough of that at home.’ Ouch!

Despite Katie sensationally announcing she was filing for divorce from former stripper Kieran back in August, the couple – who share kids Jett, 4, and Bunny, 3 – have since been spotted attending a load of public events together.

But Laura is convinced the relationship won’t last much longer.

‘Since Kieran’s affairs have come to light, Jordan seems to have been punishing Kieran and has admitted she wanted him to “suffer” like she did’, she said.

‘I think it’s only a matter of time before it all comes to blows.

‘Katie’s flirting with other guys and doing her thing, and he’s still under house arrest. He won’t stand for it much longer’.

It comes after 33-year-old Laura claimed she was planning £250k worth of surgery to look like ‘a more glamorous’ Pricey last October – and even admitted she was determined to win her ex back.

Yikes! We reckon KP might have some thoughts on this…

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