Kendall Jenner Reveals What She Really Thought of Kylie's Pregnancy News

When Kylie Jenner revealed she was expecting a baby at age 20, fans blew up with lots and lots of questions over months on end from the surprise of it all. And they weren’t the only ones raising eyebrows.

Kylie’s sister Kendall Jenner is on the June cover of Elle, and she got candid about her initial reaction to Kylie’s baby news, and let’s just say it took her a minute to process it all. 

Jerod Harris

“It’s obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you,” Kendall began. “I didn’t expect it to happen like this. But it’s beautiful.”

While it was obviously shocking for all involved, ultimately, it strengthened Kendall and Kylie’s relationship as sisters.

“It’s brought us closer together. We’ve always been very close, but we would butt heads all the time. This has made her a bit more loving toward me.”

That “more loving” side has brought the sisters together to pal around at events like the Met Gala, but it has gone further than joint appearances. The sisters have finally managed to settle an old and heated argument over their mutual friend, Hailey Baldwin.

“She was actually best friends with Kylie, and I was good friends with her cousin Ireland [Alec Baldwin’s daughter]. Hailey lived in New York, and whenever we were there, we would hang out with her,” Kendall said.

All was well until Kendall said she “stole Hailey from Kylie. From then on, she was my homie. At first, Kylie was mad; I had to bring them back together and be like, ‘No, it’s okay, guys.’ But it’s all good; that’s our love story.”

All’s well that ends well.

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