Keira Knightley wore Chanel daily during quarantine, plus more ways stars are nothing like us

The rich and famous just aren’t like the rest of us! And if you needed a reminder, is ready to give you the latest list of crazy stories that prove it! While most of us rocked a lot of sweatpants (and maybe invested in some tie-dye during quarantine), one famous face did quite the opposite and decided that even spending time at home required designer clothes every day. Keira Knightley told Harper’s Bazaar U.K. this month that she “put on red lipstick every day and every bit of Chanel that I have in my cupboard” while spending time with her daughters in quarantine. “I thought, ‘What is the point of these lovely things sitting in the wardrobe, when it feels quite apocalyptic and scary outside?’ It felt so important to be really happy for the kids,” she told the outlet. To each their own!

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We know dental bills can be high, but when you’re a celebrity, you don’t mind — you find things to add to the bill! Case in point? Post Malone, who elected to have $1.6 million in dental work done this month. Yep, the musician chose to get porcelain veneers that included two diamond fangs that have “a total weight of 12 carats,” according to his dentist, who wrote on social media, “Post Malone literally has a $1 million smile!!!” See the work here.

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When it comes to cars, just your standard Mercedes or BMW doesn’t cut it for superstars. Nope, Justin Bieber invested in a custom-made Rolls-Royce that took not one, not two, but three years to make. The fancy car — which was first spotted in June 2021 (see it here) — is a custom 2018 Wraith model, which reportedly set him back $330,000 to begin with, but there’s no telling how much the final cost was because Justin went to West Coast Customs to have it customized even further after he got it.  

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For most new moms, getting out of pajamas is a big accomplishment. But if you’re model-designer Emily Ratajkowski, a bra worth more than $3,000 is a totally normal postpartum outfit! The beauty headed off on vacation to celebrate her 30th birthday in June and shared photos from her beachside getaway in which she wore a Versace bustier that retails for $3,195 (you can see it here). It wasn’t the only Versace piece she wore during the trip either — she also posted Instagram pics of herself in a pricey dress by the same designer.

A stick figure selling for nearly $300,000? Though it sounds crazy, a stick figure drawing truly did go for almost that amount… because it was drawn by the late Kurt Cobain. The musician created the amateur self-portrait (that included a guitar!) a year before his death in 1994, and in June 2021, it sold for a whopping $281,250 at Julien’s Auctions. 

Though they’ve been dating for less than a year, you wouldn’t think it considering how Scott Disick showered girlfriend Amelia Hamlin with extravagant gifts for her 20th birthday in June 2021! The reality star not only bestowed his much younger lady love with a diamond necklace for the occasion but also purchased a $57,000 Helmut Newton painting for her while in Miami, according to Page Six.

All moms are tough to buy for on their birthday, but what do you get the mom who has everything? Kim Kardashian nailed it. It was revealed on one of the final episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that aired in late May 2021 that when momager Kris Jenner turned 65 several months earlier, Kim pulled out all the stops — 65 of them, in fact! The reality star gifted her mom 65 outfits that were styled on mannequins — jewelry, shoes and hats included — and it was all curated by Kim’s now-estranged husband Kanye West. She dubbed the present the “museum for KJ.”

Remember grills? They’re still a must-have for some superstars — like Pharrell Williams, who invested six figures in one filled with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. In June, Gabby Elan Jewelry revealed the Infinity Stones-inspired grill, which can be seen here. The jeweler took to Instagram to share of the very unique piece, “Once again setting the bar higher for fashion of grillz is @pharrell with a colorful set of 22 karat gold grillz featuring VS+ white diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds all custom rose cut.”

How much did your last Airbnb rent for? If you’re a super-famous genetically blessed couple, that answer might be astronomical. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are reportedly shacking up in an Airbnb rental in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles that costs $30,000 a month! Yep, according to the New York Post, the couple have been staying in the five-bedroom, five-bathroom newly built home — which also features a pool, a spa and basketball court — since May.

Imagine having such a diehard fan base that they run to the nearest McDonald’s to order your special meal… in such high numbers that police get involved! That’s what’s happening to BTS, whose limited-edition McDonald’s meals caused multiple McDonald’s locations in Indonesia to temporarily close in June after legions of BTS fans descended to order the meal. Since the area was hard hit by COVID-19, police closed locations that weren’t able to limit capacity to 50% and enforce social-distancing measures.

The most expensive car in history might belong to Beyonce and JAY-Z! Yep, the superstar couple reportedly commissioned the priciest car of all time — a slate blue Rolls-Royce Boat Tail convertible, which has an estimated price tag of $28 million. What does that get you? A rear deck with a built-in picnic set (that includes cocktail tables, folding chairs, a parasol and a double refrigerator) and his-and-hers timepieces that can be worn as watches when not being used as clocks in the car. 

Themed SoulCycle classes often involve big pop stars’ music, but what happens when one of the singers stops by to sit in the instructor’s seat? That’s what happened this month when Joe Jonas crashed a “One Direction vs. the Jonas Brothers” spin class in Georgia. He chronicled the funny stunt on Instagram, captioning a video of the prank, “When you’ve got an off day in Atlanta… why wouldn’t you drop-in for a @JonasBrothers vs. @OneDirection class at @soulcycle?? Let’s get it! #notanad #justlovesurprises.”

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