Katie Price promised to ‘crawl over finish line’ before pulling out of marathon

Katie Price had promised to do whatever it took to get over the London Marathon finishing line – even if she had to crawl on her "f***ed" knees, she vowed just days before the race.

As it happened, the mum of five managed less than 15km of the 42km course before pulling out, while moaning to the crowd that she "couldn’t go on".

Dressed in a pair of enormous pink wings shaped to look like lungs, Katie was ready to tackle the marathon in order to raise money for the British Lung Foundation.

But, after being overtaken by the majority of the runners – plus the health and safety trucks – she crashed out not even a quarter of the way into the race.

An exhausted Katie had to hand over her giant pink costume to a helpful police officer, who carried it all the way to the finish line on his bike.

But her refusal to finish the race has infuriated many of Katie’s supporters, who have furiously pointed out that she practically boasted about doing very little training just days ago.

"If I collapse, I better f**king get up again. And it won’t be a collapsed lung, anyway, as there will be enough support around to keep that lung going," Katie told the Mirror last week.

"There will be ambulances and people shouting, ‘Get up, get up’.

"Of course it will be a nightmare, but who cares? Sure, my knees are going to be in pain… But even if I end up having to crawl, I will get over that line. Whatever has gone on in my life this year, I’ll put that aside on the day."

She went on: "I’m just looking forward to seeing my mum’s face when I’m at the finishing line.

"I need to see her face at the end to know I did it for her. And knowing that she’ll be proud. That’s an achievement."

Rather than seeing her at the end, Katie crashed out while she was on track for a seven-hour finishing time – and met up with mum Amy, stepdad Paul and sister Sophie for an ice-cream.

In other media interviews last week, Katie revealed she’d only done one nine-mile run as part of her training routine, and couldn’t do any more because of the pain in her knees.

But she lashed out yesterday at followers who pointed out her lack of preparation, telling fans on Instagram: "I did train for the run ,tried my best in a heavy outfit and if my mummy is proud that’s what matters to me."

In a video filmed by mum Amy on their train home, Katie then blew a raspberry into the camera.

Despite the embarrassment of pulling out early, Katie has raised £2,176 for the British Lung Foundation.

And the charity gave a mixed response when approached by Mirror Online, choosing to focus on the many other runners who tried their hardest to get around the course.

ason Cater, director of fundraising for the BLF, said: "This year we had 131 runners in Team Breathe for the London Marathon, and we’re so proud of their incredible efforts.

"It was an emotional day as many people were running in memory of a loved one lost too soon to lung disease. Most years we have members of Team Breathe who pull out of the marathon for various personal reasons, and they are always gutted that they can’t cross the finish line."

He added: "It’s thanks to the fantastic fundraising efforts and awareness raising of people like Katie and all of our Team Breathe members that we’re able to continue or vital work researching new treatments, raising awareness of lung health and supporting people living with lung disease across the UK."

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