Katie Couric’s Ex-Nanny Blasts Journalist for Accusing Her of ‘Trying to Destroy’ Her Marriage

Nancy Poznek, who worked for Katie’s family from 1991 to 1994, claims in a new interview that her former employer used to skip showers and wear dirty underwear.

AceShowbizKatie Couric‘s ex-nanny has fired back at the journalist for dissing her in Katie’s new memoir, “Going There”. Having been accused of “trying to destroy” the former “Today” co-anchor’s marriage to her first husband Jay Monahan, Nancy Poznek put her former boss on blast.

Nancy, who worked for Katie’s family from 1991 to 1994, shut down the latter’s claim when speaking to Daily Mail. “People destroy their own marriage. He just wanted a little attention… I feel sorry for this guy,” he said of Jay, who died of colon cancer in 1998. “I was not trying to destroy Katie and Jay’s marriage.”

“Katie comes and plays this grieving widow thing,” Nancy further noted. “The widow card and the reason she does that is because she’s guilty, she wasn’t around for him all those years.”

During the interview, Nancy also dissed Katie’s poor hygiene and disorganization. Nancy claimed that the TV host’s home was such a mess and she wouldn’t shower all weekend due to her exhaustion.

“One time when we were in Key West, Jay said to me, come on you gotta come with me,” she recalled. “He took me up to the bedroom, she was in the bathroom and he said look – it was her pillow, she’d picked her nose all night, all the (boogers) were lined up.”

“She was like that,” the 76-year-old alleged further. “She’ll drink out of a milk carton and when her underwear were dirty she’ll turn them inside out.”

Nancy, who used to have a strong connection with Katie, also recounted one moment when her employer farted inside her car while they were driving to a shopping mall. Nancy explained, ” ‘I wouldn’t inhale if I were you’ – because she had farted.”

Nancy stated that she believes Katie couldn’t function without her. “Katie needed somebody like me,” she pointed out. “She was more codependent on me. In fact even in one article she said I couldn’t do it without somebody like Nancy just like she was codependent on Jeff Zucker.”

Nancy’s bombshell revelation came after Katie called the former “delusional” in “Going There”. Katie claimed that Nancy posted stickers at payphones in New Jersey’s rest stops which read, “Why does Katie Couric care more about her job than her child?”

Another read, “Why is her husband a pedophile?” Both stickers reportedly had Katie’s phone number. After someone called her about the stickers, he took them down. Unsurprisingly, Nancy strongly denied the story, saying, “I didn’t even have a car. That’s not true.”

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